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  • Why have I only just found this thread? With the biodiversity crisis in mind I think you should leave the walls alone. It's the biggest insect hotel I've ever seen!

  • Frame hung and wall ready for siding. Having looked at the foundations, there'll still be plenty of living spaces for the various critters.

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  • Great project!

    I have found the Wera impact bits to be just about the best out there.

  • I'll have a look at them. The Wurth non impact ones have worked fine too.

  • Door is hung. It looks okish. Would have preferred matching stuff that followed the same lines, but this was free and the building is crooked anyway

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  • Great to see people cracking on with things without too much hesitation!

  • Nice windows

  • BiL was away for half an hour picking up his kids. And on the way back he sorted 7 NOS fake Velux skylights for the workshop. Guess we'll have to open up to the roof (don't know the English term)...

  • They were free too!

  • Thanks. We continually have to remind ourselves that it's just a shed, so it just need to work. And if the side that facing the garden looks half way decent that's plenty.

  • Got the corner closed up except for the final flashing/trim piece.
    Ordered a fancy WiFi controlled air source heat pump too with 3-4 weeks delivery time. Gives me enough time to sort out a foundation for it.

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  • As much as I believe that analog TV signals are the way forward, the massive antenna had to go

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  • The whole point in cleaning up that side og the shop and putting in a door is to cut the hedge down and have a nice patio with a view

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  • just catching up with the updates, that bat was a highlight

  • Almost got the new temporary bike shed sorted today. Just need the concrete to set and rest of the siding to be hung.

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  • How are you weatherproofing the OSB siding?

  • Just basic exterior wood paint. The original siding has lasted 25+ years that way. The siding on the bike shed is actually some of the old siding from when I redid the insulation on the rear.

  • Hang the door with the head height set to match the window, and have a small step over the sill?

  • The window height was determined by the workbench height underneath. As there is a 20-30 cm step down from the door, I think a 10-15 cm step up on the inside would feel really strange. Luckily it's not visible from the house, so we'll just leave it be and live with the weird lines.

  • Foundation for the heatpump done.

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  • ...which turned out to be perfect timing as the heatpump is coming Tuesday.

  • Ours are just placed on top of two leca blocks.

  • The inside is still an on and off mess so I built 5 meters of worktop with a shelf underneath. Piled all the stuff in the shop onto it which finally gave us some free space. Then filled that space with a rather large workable as I had some stuff to build for a customer.

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  • Yeah. Halfway through digging and pouring we looked at each other and wondered why we didn't just put down a couple of pavers. But we got some exercise and found out that half a ton of gravel will easily fit in the back of my new car.
    The plan for the rear has been changed slightly as we are now building a wooden deck.

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New workshop time

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