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  • Things are happening. It looks like I'll be buying the house next to the workshop within the next month or two. That means a dedicated bike workshop, storage, becoming a landlord and possibly building a third workshop for anything not bike or wood related.

  • Yeah, he does some nice work.

  • This bodes well for the thread.

    I just read through the whole thing. The bat still is a highlight. I really like the work you did so everything has its place. Wonderful.

  • So it looks like I've bought a house (and pulled off my sisters roof). Current woodshop on the right with the upcoming bike workshop behind. The double garage will be torn down along with the fence that divides the courtyard

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  • I'm staying west of Faaborg this WE and I was wondering how you were getting along. Congrats with the purchase!

  • Lord of the manor! You’re on a roll, good going.

  • Thanks. If you zoom in and squint a bit you can see the a sliver of water which the EA called 'a lovely ocean view'.
    Sisters roof is almost done, but I can't start working on the new place until we've exchanged on the 1st of June(ish).
    @Lolo: Have you been out riding in Svanninge Bakker?

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  • This is the coming bike workshop. The covered part on the left will be enclosed and the whole thing will be insulated, painted to match the other workshop and get a new roof. The concrete floor is fucked too, so I'll probably pour a new one. It'll give me around 25-30 m² of insulated space which I plan to heat using a DIY solar heat exchanger.

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  • At some point in the future I'll probably build another workshop connected to this one for metal/car/motorcycle stuff, but that's not a priority right now.

  • So much workshop/space goals! Love to see it

  • I've had a few ice creams at Skovtrolden in the past...
    We rode back to the in-laws through Svanninge itself, to avoid the main road. It was a pretty nice route with the snow, although we had to find alternative arrangements for toddler transport...

  • Alternative Toddler Transport is a good band name

  • DIY solar heat exchanger

    Any details on this?

  • It looks like I'll be buying the house next to the workshop within the next month or two

    Well, that didn't go quite as planned, but I'm officially getting the keys August 1st. I actually already have the keys and have started moving stuff in.

  • So there's a lot of stuff to be done. Most of the house itself needs a refurb on the inside and some maintenance on the outside, but it's all in useable condition for now. First major project will be sorting out some storage for both regular and bike stuff. The shed at the back of the garden will have insulated walls and roof and the covered part at the rear will be fully enclosed and insulated too. Will probably have to pour a new floor as well.

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  • My original plan was to tear the double garage facing the courtyard down, but having had some time to think I have changed my mind. The roof is completely rotten and the tiles(?) are asbestos. One corner has almost come down and I can put my finger through the beam holding the front of the roof.
    The roof contruction will be replaced and new metal sheet roof put on. I'll close off the front and use that wall to support the front. It will not be insulated. And I think it'll be divided in two to give my renters a place for some garden stuff etc.

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  • The last thing that needs to be built is a bike shed. It'll be next to my front door and will probably just be an open front shelter thing. Something along the lines of this quick Sketchup sketch. I was a bit worried that there wouldn't be enough room to maneuvre bikes in and out, but a bit of real life testing made it seem ok.

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  • When the rear shed is done, I'll have insulated storage and a bike workshop. That'll allow me to get all the bike stuff out of the woodshop and get make that space useful again. And then I just need to insulate the front part of the woodshop and pour a new floor there. That should give me ~12 sqm of insulated storage, ~16 sqm of insulated bike workshop, a ~60 sqm heated woodshop and a bike shed with room for around 10 bikes.

  • And then I just need to bla bla bla X,Y,Z + 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 ad infinitum

    Having your own place is great, isn't it :-)

    Sounds solid though, hope you manage to get there as planned!

  • And I haven't listed all the stuff that needs to be done inside the house or in the garden. But yes, fucking looking forward to really digging in.

  • very much looking forward to seing this unfold

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New workshop time

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