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  • And I've bought a decent table saw! Just a 600 km round trip, but I get to see Handsome @Hulsroy which is always nice.

  • Bought some clamps of various lengths and a slightly more battered than expected table saw and had a quick stop in Aarhus (Danish for Progress). Long day in the car, but worth it.

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  • Nice haul!

  • I didn't have £200 spare for two sheets of 18 mm birch ply, so OSB had to suffice. Quick shelves for tools and bike parts.

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  • I like trying to work out what's in the boxes according to the labels. I'm thinking lots of cycling things...and a box of tandem parts. Beyond that... no idea

  • It’s a number of items required for the ritual slaughter of baby pandas. The Danes are quite into this. The cycling stuff is just a front.

  • 'cykel pedaler' i think are drill bits

  • It's a jumble of stuff atm. During the whole moving process I've tried to sort stuff, so right now I've got boxes just labelled 'pliers', 'plumbing' and so on, along with the more organised bike stuff. As you might have noticed from my hammer rack I tend to collect a lot of tools, which will get sorted through when I get the second workshop.

  • And resorted at the third.

  • This one is hopefully for life. And the second workshop will be 2,5 metres away.

  • This is ace, love the attention to detail and craftsmanship! Thumbs up!

  • I spent Friday and Saturday in the company of @Hulsroy and his lovely ladies.
    The tablesaw I had bought needed a bit of his metalworking magic as the previous owner had broken off 95% of the tabs that held the sliding table, but Mads made a sweet kintsugiesque repair with his golden brass jizz and a bit of milling.

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  • Got the axle for my bandsaw sorted as well. The bearings had worn away quite a bit of material. @Hulsroy silver soldered some stainless back on and turned it back down to spec on his lathe. I don't have any pics of the worn down axle or the repair, but here's a pic of the brand new SKF bearing I fucked up, when trying to reinstall the axle...

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  • The arm that holds the sliding arm on the tablesaw had developed quite a bit of play and was sagging a lot. Previous owner had sorted it with copious amounts of spacers to take up the slack. The cause was that the arm was made of a box section with too thin walls where the axle had ovalised the hole. Mads tigged a piece of tubing in as reinforcement and then soldered in two smaller pieces of tubing to act as bushings.

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  • This topic is pure joy - keep going!

  • The smaller part of the arm post repair. Only the original brass washer is needed now. The bolt/washer/nut stack was replaced with a lovely turned spacer and some thorough cleaning revealed setscrews in the table which makes adjustments possible.

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  • The postman also stopped by, so now it's time for assembly and adjustment.

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  • Just caught up with your progress, great job congrats.

  • Thanks!
    I've managed to unfuck the bearing for the bandsaw. Pried the dustcover off and carefully straightened the thin metal washer I had made two dents in.
    Today felt like a real spring day here in Southern Denmark and that hopefully means weather for more construction work on the garage soon with a new roof being a priority.

  • The bearings for the rolling table were notchy and since I had matching replacements lying around...
    I've just now noticed that what I just might have to redo the punch marks on the bearing carriers if the bearings start to come off

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  • Great stuff. Just caught up with this.

  • Bravo. Quality bit of fixing.

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New workshop time

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