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  • I have a tendency to not keep my workshop tidy enough for my own liking. My brother in law has the same problem, so let's see what happens when we share a workspace...

  • Current situation: 50-60 square meters divided into a garage/carport with gravel and an insulated, but unheated workshop that is mostly used for storage

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  • The plan is to build a separate shed for bikes that currently live in the garage part.
    That frees up that space to move the junk that's stored in the other part out there. Then we'll begin building the workshop in the insulated part.
    At some point within the next 6-9 months we'll acquire the house next door along with 2 decent sheds. They'll get turned into regular storage which will free up the garage.
    When the garage is empty we'll do a concrete floor, insulate the walls and ceiling and put in an insulated garage door. Then the internal wall can be knocked down and we'll have the full space for the shop.

  • <3

    Orhh mate. This is the dream

  • with gravel

    Most fashionable

  • My brother in law is a cabinet maker and I work as a carpenter. The workshop will be a dedicated woodshop for our joint business. When the house next door is mine, I'll build a dedicated workshop for bikes, so for the time being all my bike stuff goes into storage.

  • Instead of working on the actual project tonight, I decided to assemble the combination woodworking machine I bought a few months ago.
    Blades need sharpening and the safety features aren't really upto date. The slot mortiser is probably the feature that will earn it a spot in the shop.

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  • One of the main priorities is getting the place heated, so an air to air heat pump is high on the shopping list. I've been doing plenty of reading on the subject, but still haven't decided on what to get.
    As the cladding on the outside is looking a bit tattered in places, we might as well make sure the insulation is OK, when we replace it. A quick look suggested no vapour barrier and the cavities didn't exactly look stuffed with insulation.

  • Looks great. Hope you and junior are settling well on Fyn.

  • The future bike shed. Didn't get any closer as the people currently living there are cunts.

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  • When I see threads like this it makes me wonder where everything went wrong in my own life.

  • I've made mostly questionable decisions in my life, but selling my apartment in Copenhagen and moving to the edge of civilization is hopefully a good one.

  • Following with jealousy. I have a feeling this will be awesome

  • Cargo bike owners can be jerks?
    Learned something new today...

  • It's Denmark. Everyone has at least one cargo bike. And we're knee deep in cunts...

  • Living the dream! Will follow with interest. Best of luck!

  • So it begins...

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  • I've now finally moved cross country. Rented a storage unit in the village to store my sisters stuff that's been living in the workshop.

  • What a nice brother you are !

    Looking forward to seeing this progress. Where about is this edge you speak of?

  • Southern Funen between Svendborg and Faaborg.

  • Nice!
    If you want to go for a ride around Odense sometime, let me know!

  • Will do. Maybe there'll be a workshop housewarming at some point too.
    Next step in the workshop build is getting closer. Handed the keys to my old apartment over yesterday. All I have left in Copenhagen now is my garage/workshop and most of my bikes, bits and tools.
    Cleaning out the new workshop has hit a slight obstacle. My sister and her family currently have 10 bikes and a cargo bike in there, so I was going to build them a new bike shed. But after reading up on the planning rules I found out that I'll need planning permission. And there's currently a 12 week queue.

  • Mum and her husband delivered the latest purchases for the workshop: A(nother) DeWalt radial arm saw, a tablesaw, a pillar drill and a Kity jointer/thicknesser.

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  • My god, it’s full of stars!

  • Hubba hubba! Felt a bit shit for having to go back to work but this has cheered me right up!

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New workshop time

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