2020-08-02 - EXiTiNG

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  • After 22 years in London I am off to live in Australia to eke out the rest of my days in relative obscurity.

    Before I totally fall off the historical record of this great city it would be cool to have one last chance to say goodbye.

    Going to be in the Olympic Park from 13:00 on the 2nd, on that nice grass bank just west of the kids play area and cafe.

    So it would be cool to see people.
    If everybody brough me a beer I wouldn't even need to go to the off-license, which would be nice..

    First 40 people get a lucky coin.

    If the weather does a weird I'll reroute to somewhere local and under cover.


  • wishing you all the best. hope the weather keeps good for you this evening. have a good one

  • Catch you over this side of the world soon... 🖤

  • Shit I can't make that day. I'll see you tonight.

  • You'll be back, Australia sucks ;)

    Where in Oz you heading btw?

    I'm racing a 12hr somewhere in Norwich so I won't be able to make this but thanks heaps (some Aussie lingo for you to practice) for your massive contribution to the forum over the years and thanks for all those early rides we did (you know, back when I used to leave the house). Hope you can have a similar impact over there with your bikey enthusiasm dude, you'll be missed.

  • there. 🤙🏻

  • Going to take over this area Sunday from 13:00.


  • I'll be there somehow

  • This week has gone so quickly.

    I'll be on that ^ ^ spot from 13:00 tomorrow.

    Come say goodbye.

  • Good luck John 👍🏻

  • Come down, we checked out the location today, it is going to be lush.

  • Come down..

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  • Heading out to find some paper cups and to have a talk with Yard Sale Pizza about delivery.

    I'll be there at 13:00.

  • Heading down soon.
    Yard Sale said they could deliver!

  • Was great to see some old faces from the forum. Sorry I couldn’t stay for the whole afternoon and best wishes for Brisbane.

    From now on when I’m sitting on the throne at the far end of the house browsing on the iPad you’ll be in my thoughts ;)

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  • Great to see everyone, especially Bimjilly.

    Safe travels, John!

  • He already looks like an Aussie!!

  • Good luck on your move. On to new things 👍👍👍. All the best.

  • Wish I'd had more lucky coins to give out.

  • It's as if he never left!

  • Think I am going to need a bigger hat.

  • Emotional day, laughed a lot, worried a bit, even had a little cry.

    Got some sweet presents too (thanks!).

    A fitting send-off for sure.

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  • How did I miss you?!

    John, always a pleasure (stoked to get a lucky coin too!) - can't wait to see what you get up to on the other side of the world. Love to the cats!

  • How did I miss you?!

    Ah, balls. I had to go away in the middle of the day and only came back in the evening. Next time. Hope you're well!

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2020-08-02 - EXiTiNG

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