Live, Laugh, Love.

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  • We used to have this in the house. Luckily we threw it away

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  • To be fair it wasn’t the speed that killed him, it was the burning petrol

  • Poor dog.

  • ....

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  • To be fair it wasn’t the speed that killed him, it was the burning petrol

    It's more about the cause of the crash:

    The investigation concluded that the car's speed – between 80 mph (130 km/h) and 93 mph (150 km/h) – and age of the tires were the primary reasons for the crash.­r

    Walker died from the combined effects of trauma and burns

    While trauma and burning petrol were the most proximate causes of death, neither would have occurred without excessive speed causing the crash in the first place.

    Those stickers are tasteless.

  • Those stickers are self adhesive.


  • Someone doesn't like you.

  • A picture paints a thousand words, in all fonts

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  • I can feel a migraine coming on

  • One for @Fatberg and his love of vdubvanlife

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  • This is better.

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  • I thought the ‘one life live it’ stickers were exclusive to modded Land Rover cunts? Dub scene has plenty of their own shitty stickers(I luckily avoided it when I was still in the scene)..

  • still in the scene

    Almost deserves to be here in it's own right

  • Yeah I've only seen this on Landrovers and terribly souped-up range rovers.
    The dub scene (for the modern ones anyway) is almost definitely perpetuated by grown-up couples who have L3 in their homes and union jack cushions in their campers with a huge television and built-in surround sound system.

    I must stop judging. Maybe tomorrow.

  • Ha yup. Bunch of cunts the lot of them in my experience. Lots of homophobic/racist/nazi bantz on their forums as well.

    Here’s my old van. Was fucking cool(no tv or stove, just a bed, cupboards and soundsystem). It eventually had a full length roof rack complete with ironic 50s coolbox. I lived in it for months which was fun but also a bit of a low point in my life as well...
    I sold it to buy our flat.

    I did have a Gulf sticker(they sent me a bunch when I contacted them to get the paint codes) and a few legit skate stickers but no dubscene ones.

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  • There’s a 4x4 down the road from my parents’ house with a “one wife, livid” sticker.

  • colossal white guy energy

    i bet they love telling you how much a pint used to cost when they started drinking

  • As a shop owner-‘Artsy Doormats‘ have be wrongly trying to get our business.

    Some favourites including the OG classic.

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  • I'll take 10 of each please.

  • Less than a quid...

  • dd

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  • I did once consider buying this for teh lelz. Close one.

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  • Quite like the cross stitch

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Live, Laugh, Love.

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