Live, Laugh, Love.

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  • Have a look at my recent bike tag postings...

  • I rode a bike for like, half an hour yesterday and my gooch is killing today. Never again.

  • Twee nonsense courtesy of my wife, high quality finish DIY courtesy of myself.

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  • Olly Moss did it right

  • Buckle up

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  • this sign made me pregnant. thanks.

  • That comment just whizzed me back to Halloween 2007... On a subway train on the way to see The Saints and the Chesterfield Kings with Los Chicos, who are all in fancy dress... The drummer, Piña, a giant, bald surgeon from Madrid, is dressed as a Ghostbuster and firing his homemade Neutrino Wand at fellow female travellers and declaring that they are now pregnant... So charming he gets away with it... Oh the lolz... #uhad2bthere

  • Can't imagine why it's on sale

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  • That fucking typeface

  • Let the pasty he - Gin

  • Found this in a friend of my wife’s house yesterday. Extra lols as it was placed right in the eyeline anyone seated on the loo.

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  • Our 83-year-old neighbour got us this as a thank you for going to the shop for her during lockdown.
    (And also a bottle of red wine.)

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  • you should totally return this via a brick thru her window with a post-it note featuring a link to a miro board where you painstakingly detail all the typography errors and poor font choice.

  • The chesterfield kings? so that's two people who remember them then

  • And this thread...proper lolz. I was wondering (in fear) about all this shit the other day.
    You haven't lived until you've been to a garden centre in the countryside (that's not a slogan) and seen swathes of the things. Example:

    Please tell me if there is somewhere where there isn't this diabolical landfill for sale to vacuous fuckwits and I will go and live there.

  • I feel these awful wall clocks are almost always the companion to those fucking signs and stickers.
    A former colleagues partner once described getting one as ‘the statement piece I’ve always wanted’

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  • I'm more judgemental than most but this is quite sweet

  • ‘the statement piece I’ve always wanted’

    @umop3pisdn now time unleath some of those instagram accounts you found

  • You can't handle them (plus I can't find them).

    Just imagine anything in this thread photographed from 7 different angles

  • Tried to remove it. It backfired.

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  • Just burn the house down. Only way to be sure.

  • Definite replastering job, you'll never get rid of that...

  • ...

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Live, Laugh, Love.

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