Live, Laugh, Love.

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  • A thread for the best examples of cheery, lighthearted and generally uplifting interior decor & artwork. Renders are ok but examples from the wild encouraged.

  • @chrisbmx116 's bathroom

  • Reader's own to kick us off - a thoughtful gift from our wedding. Lives behind the door in my office and reminds me of the great times as I quaff half a bottle of neat Gordons every day at 5.31.

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  • I genuinely have this sign hanging up in my flat

    And by my flat I mean my girlfriend's flat, which she owns, so I can't complain.

  • Love it. When we first moved into this place the first thing we did was make a cup of tea. Naturally. But the second thing was rip down the silver stencilled lettering from here saying Bon appetit!

    We still haven't gotten around to repainting the kitchen yet so it's still slightly visible where it had been there so long.

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  • upvc leaded windows, nice. Tudor chic with modern efficiency.

  • There’s an epidemic of triptych style paintings on my Teams calls with work colleagues.

  • Repost. As seen on a flat purchase visit.

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  • Yeah....we found a roll of the stuff left for us in the cupboard under the stairs. Just in case we needed to replace any.....

  • Sadly my house had only genuine wood effect panelling on the walls, when we moved in.
    When I tore it down someone had written "David Essex Is Great" underneath. Was tempted to keep it, but it was on the chimney which was removed.

    I have neither the taste nor the class to put up stencilling with such power and grace as L,L,L.

  • Ah yes, all of the DIY on a Budget Facebook page should be here.
    Here's an example from yesterday.

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  • In this House we have a PASSION for graphic design

  • 'I love to cook with wine...sometimes I even put it in the food!'

    A cursed sign that my darling sister passed on to me when she moved out of her flat. I have since tried to pass it on to at least two other people, yet each time it has somehow ended up back in my possession.

    I hate this kind of tat, and the thought of how much of it ends up in landfill. However, I do enjoy memes based on it, so at least there's a silver lining.

  • This is amazing in so many ways.

    The more you look the more details you notice. Like how they gave up on randomizing the font order on the upper steps.

  • This will be right up @greenhell ‘s street

  • how they gave up on randomizing the font order on the upper steps.

    I only just realised you're meant to read it from bottom up

  • "we do really loud" just doesn't make sense

  • we do it really loud. poor kids

  • Bill Bryson wrote about these kinds of messages, I think it was in Notes from a Small Island but can’t find the quote.

  • My ocd can’t look at the way they’ve hung that wall clock.

  • You'd have to stencil 'farts' at the end. You just would.

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Live, Laugh, Love.

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