Why do you train?

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  • Why do you train?




  • I really enjoy kicking people in the face.

    As I can’t really do that at the moment because of social distancing, I’m applying that mentality to my second hobby of cycling, and hopefully the structured training I’m doing will help me kick people in the face metaphorically at races and group rides.

  • Because I’m far too competitive for my own good. And it’s so much more fun going fast

  • Riding old guys off my wheel at regents is my primary hobby

  • Riding old guys of my wheel at regents is my primary hobby

    Are “guys of my wheel” the cycling equivalent of “knights of the the round table” and why are you having sex with them?

  • haha this is why i cant type things before my coffee

  • my main competition is in rowing

    So how's that going these days ;-)

  • Haha great find :) I mean i was at the club last weekend but to drop off my kit to a friend. I might of cycled 27,000km since this comment

    1. Mental health
    2. Endurance enables me to run / ride further and see more of the landscape
    3. vanity
  • body dysmorphia

  • Really? That's tough. Look after yourself.

  • non-diagnosed but definitely gone through long periods of body dysmorphic (or BD-like) thought previously - which drove lots of bad behaviours and anxieties. am able to manage it a lot better nowadays, thankfully

  • Blast from the past thread.

    So I stuck with TrainerRoad and then bought a new mountain bike.

    TrainerRoad is for cardio fitness and weight management. Mountain biking is for fun, but I am getting coaching and watching loads of YouTube tutorials as I am really enjoying learning new skills and striving to be less shit. It’s a challenge as much of what I ought to do is the opposite of what my body does instinctively. There is something fun about getting through corners without braking, finding step downs less intimidating, getting over rooty sections cleanly etc.

    tl dr fun and fitness

  • am able to manage it a lot better nowadays, thankfully

    Good to hear. The proliferation of online images of idealised bodies has made it harder for people with these kinds of issues.

  • Classic 6pt never ‘trained’ though. I just rode a lot and enjoyed the whoosh of it all

    The reason most of us stick at it. Once you've reached a certain level, you don't want to drop below that again 'cos it's shit. And hurts

    I'm stuck somewhere between these 2

  • I forgot number 4, Transport

    Currently running around central London to sites/ Physio / train stations while sciatica keeps me on off the bike

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Why do you train?

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