Why do you train?

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  • I'm not likely to attain either of those but does singing it while riding at 4w/kg count?

  • That is good enough for me.

  • It’s all about wining hill climbs! That’s wrapped up the whole narcissism thing though.

  • I've gone in a bit of a different direction these days, training wise. I've almost totally lost any desire to ride on the roads in the UK - the increasing understanding that I was going to be killed by someone writing a text message, who would then get a £100 fine (if that) just sucked the joy out of it.

    This rings true with me. As lockdown happened it became apparent that many drivers were using the empty roads to go even faster. I actually feel anxious at the thought of riding solo these days, I have cameras to record acts of cuntishness but also wonder why bother placing myself in a position of great vulnerability.

    Have lost track of the number of non cyclists who when they discover I ride a bike have to vent to me “I met one of your lot, riding in the middle of the xxxx lane stopping me getting past” when I know full well the road they are mentioning is too twisty to be able to overtake on. It’s even more depressing that some of them are motor cyclists or horse riders but don’t consider someone on a cycle deserves due care and attention.

    As such being able to binge watch tv, manage cardio fitness and be able to cook and eat calorie rich meals makes time on the turbo seem worthwhile.

    Your post is making me think it’s time I serviced our fat bikes so we can start riding trails again.

  • Why does @Dick train

  • So that I can dick about and write cheques that my dick can actually cash without being all fart and no poo....

    Also sometime talk about the fact I did a race once and always want to get back in to talking about doing a race, maybe even actually doing an actual race.....

  • It also give me a me an enormous sense of well-being...

  • Why does @dubtap train?

  • I like the physical sensation of riding bicycles over 20mph and being fit even if probably not healthy.

  • How old were you in your peak 2017 season? #glorydays

  • 32, but I only had one year of structured training, albeit low volume, under my belt by then. This year I've increased my training volume by ~20% so we'll see. I don't feel much faster, when I've been riding in Kent I have no idea how I managed to get some of those KOMs last year, good 10 to 20 seconds slower this summer.

    I think I'm pretty low volume compare to most. 3 to 3.5 hours a week on the turbo, over three workouts, then an unstructured ride on the weekend, which may be smashing 6x 4 min hills if I'm on my own, or more like 4 hours of Essex cruising if I'm with friends. 450-500 TSS per week by the looks of things.

    What does everyone else do? Maybe a question for the actual training thread.

  • I train exclusively for short hill climbs but training volume depends massively on a week by week basis, I've always been a fan of auto regulating rather than structured training (by personality more than anything). Having said that I have tried structured training for the past 2 months and don't like it but it has ensured my volume has stayed high (eg 2-3 sessions a week z3/4 1-2hours) and that I take rest days with intention rather than always contemplating whether I could get a pb somewhere...typically a week is:
    1) 2x hill climb specific sessions (and weights after) @ 3 hours each, albeit 1 hour is junk miles getting to/from the hill
    2) 2x aerobic sessions @ 2 hours each
    3) 1x Sunday session of 1-[8] hours, intentionally flexible, depending on how knackered I am.

    Keeping it on thread, my entire sense of self is predicated on my times uphill relative to other people #fragilemasculinity

  • What does everyone else do? Maybe a question for the actual training thread.

    I'm on three 45-60 min turbo sessions a week, coupled with three 45-50 min runs, alternating days t/r/t/r/t/r. Saturdays off. Some pram-walks added on top of that but they count for nothing, even if they're 5–10k. Power levels are hovering surprisingly near 'acceptable' by the numbers, especially considering the measly training load, but I'm not riding outside to see how I fare on anything familiar or over a proper ride duration. I am a good weight and a better 'normal human' shape than I've been for years, which feels good.

  • Saturdays off.


  • Having seen you recently I think you should be taking fewer days off.

  • Shots fired!

  • Mr Pot meet Mr Kettle.

  • It's like dad bod central around here

  • Chapeau for fitting five or six hours a week around kids.

  • It's less about training load and all about refueling when you're deep in dadlyfe.

  • I hear sleep is good for recovery. I’d love to know it first hand.

  • Sleep?
    Never heard of it.

  • Currently I am using TrainerRoad to demolish my will to live and confidence I can can actually pedal.

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Why do you train?

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