Centrelock / 6bolt fork question

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  • I bought a frameset on here recently and the owner advised the forks were designed for centrelock hubs

    Searching around I can't find and reference to forks that are centrelock specific

    Is there such a thing or should I be able to use either disc system?

  • WTF. Either system should work as it's the hub interface, and the rotors should be in the same place.

  • This was my thinking.

  • forks that are centrelock specific

    Eh? Would love to hear their reasoning for that.
    Run whatever the hell you want.

  • @chak @dogs thanks for clarifying, much appreciated

  • @sacredheart, this was the case on my Pompetamine and all Pomps I assume. I only ever ran it with CLs and when I sold it to @Cupcakes he discovered that it wouldn't work with 6 bolt rotors. I "think" the bolt heads struck the inside of the fork.

    see here https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/1830­36/?offset=475

  • @TheShipwright Hmm interesting.
    It's that exact frame I'm talking about as I bought it off @Cupcakes !

    @gbj_tester was running 6bolts ok on his pomp according to that thread. Tester if you read this did you make any mods with that setup like different bolts of did it work ok stock. Would you be able to remember what hubs you were running back then? Thanks

    (I don't want to run centrelock if poss)

  • did you make any mods with that setup like different bolts of did it work ok stock. Would you be able to remember what hubs you were running back then?

    I used whatever rotor bolts were laying around and Hope Pro2 hubs. There was plenty of clearance.

  • Good to know, thanks @gbj_tester and to everyone who replied. I'll stick some 6 bolts on it.

  • I remember thinking at the time different bolts with a different head would have worked maybe OR putting a slight indentation on the inside of the fork.

  • @sacredhart incidentally why dont you like CL ? with CL you can convert to 6 bolts but not the other way round.

  • He probably has a 6 bolt wheel :)

  • Ok, that's a cool pomp; Including old school hydros. I haven't seen those in a while.

    @TheShipwright the Bolt protrusion was a frame issue on some bikes. Even to this day, some new bikes come with rizla tight clearances. Frames should be able to accept either/or.

  • Yes, there didn't seem to be clearance on the fork for the bolt heads for 6 bolt. When I looked into this I recall on one had "designed" the fork to be better suited to centre lock. I suppose it could have been an anomaly to do with the hub I was using; I can't remember what it was although I suspect Shimano XT.

  • Or so they say upon realising that there wasn’t enough clearance for 6 bolt

  • I believe there used to be an on one product page where they said centrelock was "recommended" for best clearance.

  • Yeah that was my conclusion! My solution was to use a different fork rather than get a new wheel.

  • @TheShipwright 6 bolt just seems a bit less hassle than a new (to me) bike standard that needs a proprietary tool, more expensive rotors and possibly then a converter.
    Cheaper rotors plus Allen key seems less faff.

  • It's a standard cassette lockring tool. Feels unnecessary but it's nicer to work with than doing 6 bolts.

  • They tend to warp less too

  • I’ve kind of experienced this on my arkose.
    6 bolt adapter on a CL wheelset caused the disc to rub on the carbon forks, CL discs seems to have solved it.
    This could have been because I was using an adapter rather than a 6 bolt hub but who knows.

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Centrelock / 6bolt fork question

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