Great North Trail

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  • Anyone done bits / all of this?

    Got three weeks in September off so thinking about this with a few adaptions / detours. Suggestions welcome!

    Had a quick browse but seems like a pretty good route.­rth-trail-full-route-cape-wrath

  • The guy who rides an alpkit sponsored tandem is currently doing it with his kid

  • I've been thinking about doing this. Been reading their guide.

    Donated to these guys this morning as a matter of fact:

  • That looks great! I've been on part of the route and the midges were unbelievable!

  • the midges

    Literally the only thing anyone talks about when mentioning Scotland.

    I feel like I've been missing out on something wonderful.

  • Something to look forward to... Just like the scenery and the bad coffee..

  • I've done my fair share of travel - every nation has provided me with examples of exceptionally bad coffee. :)

  • I finished reading the GNT guidebook. I'm still keen. Need to get the missus stoked for 2 dirty (not the good kind) weeks of me constantly swearing (normal) at rocks (less normal). Might have to invest in some first-aid kit for this one...

  • That looks superb.

  • John Grotes or Cape Wrath? I might try both if enough time.

  • Yeah, I wanted to hit both (Wrath first) but I have this stack of cards and it all depends on the previous layer...

    Basically if time permitted I'd do both. If we're short on time another option is to train to Glasgow and 'just' do An Turas Mor. It depends on how this weekend's 12hr goes and if I do Badlands (and maybe what work says but that's generally been of little concern to me :) )

  • I followed this as far as Castleton at the weekend. Mostly familiar territory linked up with some new tracks. It’s a real mix of fast gravel, quiet lanes and some loose and rocky stuff thrown in for good measure.

    Somewhere over Chelmorton before a(nother) bumpy descent.

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  • Ok on the gravel bike?

  • very much looking forward to this now.

  • I think I’d want a mtb, especially if fully-loaded.

  • I'm going to do most of the northern section of this next week. Ideally from Cape Wrath down to Contin, where I'll jump off to get back to Inverness, but probably with a few diversions for shops, etc.

    Plan to go north via the coast (NC500 route). Was originally going to do an on-road loop back south but this looks more interesting. Surfaces look good for most of the top bit.

    Will report back if I make it!

  • yeh please do. Good luck and have fun. Midge free fun hopefully.

  • Yeah, look forward to hearing how it goes.

  • Midge free fun hopefully.

    Have stocked up with smidge, got an anti midge candle and am taking tent instead of bivvy, after getting advice from a couple of people who were up there last week.

  • Looking forward to hearing about this.

    I had planned to do the whole GNT in June... other things happened ;)

    Now off to do some bikepacking in Sweden instead... long story... but am planning on this next year for sure.

    Guide book is defo useful and pretty comprehensive. I have the physical copy if anyone wants/needs to borrow it.

  • I've just bought the soft copy. Worth having. It told me about a shop in a remote area that I hadn't discovered.

  • On train back now.
    stunning riding, did the section from Durness down as far as rosehall.

    Did the longer way round for the first bit as I didn't want to do the ford. Wonderful coastal scenery then a lovely deserted road south. Then off road. Almost chickened out as it was a descent, with some loose stuff and it was 5am so still dark, raining and blowing a bit of a gale which was affecting my handling. And I was on slick road tyres. But glad I pressed on.

    Walked anything remotely sketchy as didn't want to risk coming off, on my own, no mobile signal, noone else around, etc.

    Best bit was the rough climb after the lodge at the bottom: dawn, path snaking between hills with tops hidden by low cloud, up to a lake with wind whipping up waves on the surface, rain lashing, then two deer cross just ahead of me, then disappear into the hillside.

    Climb over to the power station was lovely, but bright sun, and tarmac, made it less menacing.

    Then a gravel track by a pretty river, and I met the first humans I'd seen in 5+hours riding.

    Would like to have done more but then had to duck back into roads to get to Inverness.

  • Damn sounds so good

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Great North Trail

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