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  • Actually... just going to share an example whilst I think of it:­6WpQ-n6-sE-NvshrMBJTK3eGvanTGs9NDaus_Ho/­edit?usp=sharing

    John is not this boy's name, but the gist is that he wants to buy a computer and his mother can't afford to even consider one, but by cooking for mum he can earn enough to buy the components.

  • Very cool idea!

  • Amazing. What this has done for you is worth more than money or anything else materialistic. Having a kitchen of your dreams and learning to cook and doing what you have done is up there with what life should be IMO. I may be biased as I love cooking and one day, once I settle, aspire to something like this. Enjoy it as you certainly deserve it, the thread is a fantastic read. T

  • @Velocio can you DM me the contact details of your amazing builder? Thanks


    But his website appears to be offline. His name is Leigh Peck, he is awesome... I've just sent him an SMS to check he's still in the trade, if he is I'll put his details here.

  • Was he recommended by Harvey Jones?

  • They provided a list of builders that they are happy to do the fitting. He was one of those. However he's not "their" builder... in fact he only occasionally takes jobs from them, and he wasn't too impressed with Harvey Jones (nor was I)... but his work... damn, I still appreciate it daily, it's next level.

    He's replied (he's also responsive)... and whilst he doesn't know why his website is down (that's his partner's responsibility) he is still working and would appreciate the referral.

    Leigh Peck
    Total Carpentry and Joinery Ltd

    I got quotes from a few builders, his was just above the average but not outrageous. I couldn't see that he cut corners anywhere, but he didn't attempt to compete overly on price... he prices fairly and either that's palatable to you or not. The quality of the work justified his price being higher than he charged.

    Feel free to say I recommended him, as he also appreciated me as a client for being pragmatic and appreciating his work.

  • That’s great thank you. I’ll get in touch. There’s a few interesting “features” in the room I’m looking at, which will take a bit of genius/creativity!

  • His problem solving on the spot was exceptional.

    He's not really willing to leave bodge jobs in place even if they're hidden. The way he overhauled my floor was great... he could easily have left it be and hoped the tiles would hide the point where it flexed, and probably it would be fine. But nope... the risk that flex would create a crack in a tile meant he re-did the entire floor and shored everything up, without adding to his quote. He cares about the builder who will peel things back in 20-30 years time... so does a great job now.

  • apologies for the thread dredge but please can I ask two specific questions? Hope you are enjoying the kitchen still!

    1. Which tap/kettle is that and would you recommend it?
    2. Is the sink full size? I am 99% sure it is. I have a small kitchen and am faced with the decision of full size sink and 450 dishwasher, or full size dishwasher and 450 sink. Mine will be stainless and under like yours. Based on a previous convo, I also will not be going for groves in my worktop.


  • Ugh .. links don't work... But you can read the product details from the URIs

  • @Velocio how is the hue centris treating you a few years on? It still seems like a nice way to have both flood and task lighting in the functional end of a kitchen - any gripes?

  • No complaints at all, I like it a lot.

    The lights in the kitchen:

    • Hue Centris — provides general lighting in half of the kitchen from the flood part of the light, and then task lighting to the worktop and sink (where there is no under cabinet lighting). The flood is sufficient to see in all cabinets on either side of the room.
    • Under cabinet lighting via Hue LED strips — this is ambience / task lighting, it's nice and I would miss it if were not there but the Hue Centris is doing a lot of heavy lifting and this is just filling the places where our bodies would cast shadows.
    • Lights from the extractor hood — these are essential for cooking, they are perfect daylight colour and bright, and the light cuts through steam, etc
    • A single Hue lamp on the dining table — provides a pool of light on the table, and a bit on the ceiling.

    In this setup, the Hue Centris is doing the majority of the work in the kitchen, followed by the extractor hood lighting, and the under counter and dining table are providing some ambience and little more.

    I went full colour for all lighting - but honestly I never use it. It's really just the whites and warm shades / red tint and nothing else.

  • Going to update my tap recommendation:


    This has leaked, like putting a thumb on the end of a hose it shoots water horizontally almost days after going past the 2 year warranty for it.

    Dornbracht have sent a new O-ring, which is great — except there are no guides on how to service this, there are no accessible bolts, etc, and it appears to need specialist tools.

    I'm kinda stuck now, a leaking tap that makes a mess and the spare part to fix it, but no warranty coverage and obviously it will need to be fixed in-situ.

    Am seriously thinking about replacing it with this:­ngle-lever-sink-mixer-1-2-30503000.html because if the cost of getting a plumber out (who may still not have these tools) is going to cost me a few hundred and isn't guaranteed to be a long-term fix, then fuck it right, I may as well sink the cost towards a tap that is end-user serviceable, does have ample spare parts, is known to plumbers, and will be a long-term fix as the warranty starts over and is longer.

    Unless of course, someone knows a forum-friendly plumber in North London who wants to try their hand at repairing it in-place before it goes the way of landfill.

  • there are no guides on how to service this

    Where's the leak / which o-ring do you need to replace? Might be easy enough to hive mind how to replace it, and save a few hundred.

  • More complex than that.

    The leak is from the blue shaded bit.

    You can see the O-rings #3 and #5.

    But going back to your diagram, the nozzle part isn't obviously dismantled.

    Part #4 is made of a solid white plastic, and it is not shaped such that it can be unscrewed. It is in place by force.

    If I use pliers it will tear the plastic, and yet I can't get it out to fit/reseat the O-rings.

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  • Ha. Fuck that noise.

    What I would never suggest to do is to buy a new one, say it has a leak, and send back the old one.

  • your diagram

    Subject of a cursory google. Yours is better.

    From that, it looks like 2 should unscrew (maybe after loosening 4?) - maybe ask one of the plumbery types on the DIY thread about how to unscrew tight shiny chrome stuff without chewing it up.

  • Isn't this the bit of your consumer rights where yes it's out of warranty but you could argue that it must be fit for purpose and last a reasonable amount of time? Given the cost of that tap and the proximity to warranty period I'd say it should still be covered here - I can't see how 2yrs is a reasonable amount of time for a major kitchen appliance from a premium brand. I just had a Garmin 945 replaced which was 4yrs old and I bought from a rogue site in HK - Garmin didn't question things when I said above.

  • #2 is held in place by the seating of #3, #4 and #5.

    I've just gone at it with pliers - and I can neither damage the plastic nor budge it a millimetre 🤷

    I can remove the whole hose easily though - so perhaps I should just replace #1.

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Kitchen's Kitchen

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