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  • We were fine with no.1. Especially as they were born in the winter, so their clothes were smallest when it was coldest.

    But a toddler and a new born is carnage. Especially as no1's nursery has a messy play/no apron policy, so you're looking at 1.5-3 days worth of clothes per day. Also our place is double glazed and cavity filled.

  • Different scales. Although even in a 2 bed I found there was still way more proper storage, that in the UK someone would have knocked out so they could fit another bedroom to increase the value.

    There's also a cultural tendency for things to be overbuilt and under engineered.

    Can't agree with your top loaders comment. They're a much better and stronger design imo. But they require decent space rather than shoehorned into a kitchen.

  • Pretty sure my OH use to live near where you live now in the same type of flat (albeit different layout).

    I'd get one of these and put it in your bathroom:

    One of the great things about it, is that as its raw wood, the wood absorbs some of the moisture, meaning your clothes dry faster.

  • We put one half way up our stairs and clothes dry really quickly even in our very cold house

  • That's a really good shout actually.

  • my tenement ceilings are around 3m high so clothes on our pulley dry pretty quick too

    I want to put another one in the hallway

  • You might find that by the time you get round to it there will be some kind of shared centralised hot water source delivered direct to your home.

    That's a dream I wouldn't think Haringey are capable of delivering.

  • I out one of those up in our "utility" space (a sort of wide corridor leading into the kitchen which is in the extended bit of the ground floor, I think it was at one point the original kitchen). The utility space has the same 10ft high ceilings as the rest of the ground and 1st floor. Handy for things that shouldn't go in the tumble drier or there is no urgency to dry them. Hanging it, I only missed the joist once. The ceiling board is hung about an inch below the face of the joists so a stud finder wouldn't work so had to pull out a couple of spot lights, measure the distance to the joist in the ceiling then shine a torch through the gaps in the floorboards in the hallway above to calculate the thickness of the first joist then the distance to the next one I actually wanted to hang from. Surprised I only missed once. But then, once up, ms_com didn't like the position so had to shift it along a bit. So have three holes to fill when it comes to decorating. The wooden slats are not fixed in the cast iron bits, ms_com has already sent the whole lot crashing to the floor a couple of time.


    These look quite nice but they want silly money for it.

  • £40 or so from eBay. They do 4 or 6 bars and various lengths.

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  • hly sht that's nice !

  • Also a company with good social responsibilities.

    Added to the list if I ever get my hands on moneygun.gif

  • Yeah - nice tip hadn’t thought of that. I like a physical recipe though, dunno why, maybe messy hands and touch screen annoyance ? Just never get on with the notes on my iPhone for cooking

  • Yeah, we mounted ours over the stairwell and it worked great. But we lost the stairwell when we converted the loft :(

  • ooo that might solve our placement problem. We don't have a central joist in the ceiling any more but we do have timber round the edges.

  • you mean by using their adhesive hooks? I hadn't seen that before -- the pain of fixing them to the ceiling was the main thing that kept me from ordering.

  • ms_com has already sent the whole lot crashing to the floor a couple of time.

    Yeah one of the places we lived in had one and it was great, but a couple of times that happened to me. Never did anything about it as it wasn't my place, but ultimately decided big o-rings around the batons either side of the cast metal would be the solution. Or if you're neat enough, self amalgamating tape.

  • I know it looks cool, but the raw wood is a fundamental part of the functionality of the design.

    It cannot work as well with string.

    If you want to sex up the OG design, have a look at sailing hardware for pullies etc.

  • No, I was thinking because it can be suspended from 4 corners instead of the centre line. There's joists around the edges of the ceiling above the stairs but not across the middle.

  • Nice work @Velocio finish looks immaculate. Sounds like you're happy.

  • So, what have you cooked?

  • Thanks for your explanation.
    Apartments generally have a very large hot water tank and communal coin operated laundry.
    Higher end apartments or condominiums will have individual water tanks - maybe 5 or 10 gallon size, and individual washer/dryer in a closet.

  • So, what have you cooked?

    Barely anything yet. I have a team of 3 painters, a plumber and an electrician in this week doing other work (hallway, bathroom, and then kitchen woodwork and changing the wall colour to be a few % darker in shade).

    The result is that there's still coverings and equipment everywhere, and I've still not fully transferred food and cookware to the kitchen.

    At the moment my cooking is simply roasted veg, fresh pasta, etc... things I can make with minimal ingredients and cookware so that I can cook it with very little in the kitchen.

    Next week will be the first opportunity to really cook things

  • Had my annual boiler service today so thought I’d share this re: previous discussion about the magna filter. The brown debris you see is what it caught from Feb ‘20 to today. Like a sludge made up of rust flakes etc. The red line is approximately how much it has caught the first year we had it(2017) , and each year it caught progressively less. so the system is far cleaner now. It will never be 100% but the first year is always the most, as it compensated for many years of not having one.

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  • Fancy some nutella now

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Kitchen's Kitchen

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