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  • Incense burner looks good ;p

  • An update!

    • Worktop is coming tomorrow morning.
    • Builders are back in on Friday to install the tap, hob, and final things like the last cabinet doors and all of the door knobs.
    • Painter starts on Monday on the cabinets, will take 3 days or thereabouts.
    • Painter will come in probably the week after the cabinets to do another layer on the kitchen walls (Grey Steel 2 is the far better match), and also to do the hallway, stairs, front door, bathroom, and sash windows throughout the house.

    Also... builders reaction on the door knob debacle: "**** me, you've gone and bought the Ferrari of door knobs! Well that's one way to solve the problem."

    So it looks like everything is suddenly moving again.

  • When is the architectual photographer coming?

  • Looks great, where are you planning to store tea towels ?

    I only ask as we originally draped them on the front of the ovens over the handles. This became annoying when you wanted to peer in and check out your food cooking. We bought a couple of handles for the end of the island unit and now keep the tea towels on them out of the way, but in front of the ovens. You may want to se if your knob company do a matching rail and attach it to the outside of the washing machine unit.

  • Looks great, where are you planning to store tea towels ?

    I am horrified. Total oversight.

    I may need to start over... how did I miss this!?

    I did not think about it. But the back of dining chairs will do until I've got a better solution.

  • Ha, I know it’s a kicker...

    I only mentioned it as I realised it 3 months later and we had to cut the carcass internally to fix the handles through the end panels. While you don’t have worktops etc it would have been an opportune time to fix (if you wanted to)

  • What does your solution look like?

  • tea towels just get draped off/through the oven door handle surely

  • Tea-towel and hand towel hang on the full-width rail on the dishwasher door as it's next to the sink (which is where every dishwasher should be).

    As for oven door handles, they're for oven gloves (and maybe tea-towels if they need to dry a bit). I accidentally bought a replacement oven that was actually one designed to be mounted about chest height. The door opens sideways and you can't read any dials from above (as it's mounted at knee height). So I've no-where to store my oven gloves easily. #thoughtsandprayers

  • Won't this be delegated to the Butler?

  • This, they did live on the oven door but it got on my tits having to peer past them to look inside. Or I would forget to take them off the handle after opening the oven door...

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  • As for oven door handles, they're for oven gloves

    The sole use for my tea towels is as an oven glove.

  • Is it weird that I used to come to this site to read about and buy/sell bicycles but now just look at the DIY, car restoration and shed building ones?

  • Mate you left your iMac on the kitchen counter...

  • SkyGo, Apple Music & internet (YouTube / Netflix)...

    We did not want to dedicated TV, so it’s a happy medium.

  • never mind the iMac (i like this idea a lot, will spend this evening plotting a breakfast sales strategy), have I miscounted 4 ovens? What's the thinking there?

  • 2 Full ovens
    1 Steam oven
    1 Microwave

    Basic convenience, a Sunday roast will only take as long as the longest cooking time. I can do the meat in the left @ 180, potatoes in the right @ 200 / 210 and veg in the steamer. And it’s all ready when the meat is cooked & rested...

  • Cleaning 3 ovens < cleaning one oven, but you make a compelling argument...

  • Pyro self cleaning...just brush out the dust

  • I hang mine above the radiator so they dry quickly.

  • Day 16

    A worktop.

    I wanted something bold... well I got that!

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  • I really wasnt sure about the worktop in your earlier posts.. but now its in.. very nice

  • I'm unsure too TBH.

    I guess I can change it in future... the golds are darker than I thought they would be, more orange in places. It is very nice though, just unsure how the paint colour will now look against it. But that too is something I can change later... so I am copacetic and chill about this.

  • Looks stunning, will look great at night reflecting the light.

  • Looks awesome.

    So weird that the reflection in the cooker hood matches the marble almost exactly.

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Kitchen's Kitchen

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