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  • Oh nice. Did you go for the smart looking one with the glass front?

    I originally wanted that one, but it didn't fit in any cabinet and was totally excessive for the needs of the house.

  • Oh... there goes my schedule.

    The "final" project dates from Harvey Jones are:

    • 20th Jan - Delivery of cabinets and installation commences
    • 22nd Jan - Worktop templating
    • TBC - Worktop fitting... they have a 10 day turnaround and 5th Feb is the reserved date pending sign off of the template on the slab (by me I guess).
    • 8th Feb - Painting of cabinets to commence

    So I guess they're allowing themselves until the 12th Feb to paint.

    It's a dry installation... so plumbing isn't to be connected until... after the worktop is installed?!

    So another 4 weeks, 3 weekends, of no laundry, fridge, cooker, etc...

    In other news, Noodl Plus pot noodles are excellent.

  • Yeah 8000 Life. It’s excessive for my place too TBH but the best one was £200 more than the other one and my life has been accidentally discharging the money gun for 8 months.

  • The money gun on renovations is an automatic. At least when it stops and we have to face the carnage to the bank accounts we'll have a few nice things to show for it.

    I'm dead happy with the boiler, electrics and plumbing here now. Crazy that these were the things that pulled the trigger.

    I'll be happier when it's all done of course. Want the money gun to stop already.

  • pot noodles are excellent

    ya cannot buy class.

    Sorry, keep dipping in the hope of seeing that worktop. When/if I ever buy a place, will get one as nice as that.

  • Kitchen looks great so far. Know what you mean about the escalation, we went to redo our kitchen and ended up rebuilding the whole back of the house.
    PS I wouldn't recommend this. I'm in so much debt I can never leave. The kitchen is nice though.

  • I want Kitchen's kitchen.

  • This is what the people will say.

  • Day 11


    Dulux Grey Steel 4

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  • I note that they save paint and don't bother going behind where cabinets are going.

    Speaking of which... 8am tomorrow apparently.

  • Is Grey Steel better than Blue Steel?

  • Yes.

    Dulux Grey Steel tones are nice... very neutral. They don't have any hint of colour at all. Which makes pairing them with anything extremely easy.

  • Cabinets and appliances arriving.

    Back onto paint... Grey Steel 4 is too light and under the couple of lights I've shone at it it is also too purple. Either the formula is wrong or the colour was a bad choice. Going to change it to Grey Steel 3 for the walls, and this is probably going to have to be done after the cabinets are fitted and before the worktop goes in now.

  • So one cabinet from Harvey Jones is wrong... but everything else is all good it seems.

    The one that is wrong is the least consequential... an end cabinet that will hold the washing machine. Supposed to be large enough to hold a freestanding washing machine and with a door to hide it (the only appliance being hidden - because the washing machine is white rather than steel, and the British are a bit weird in having laundry in our kitchens). What arrived is a frame without a door, also too small.

    This is the lowest complexity cabinet in the entire kitchen so should be easy to remedy. I'll charitably suggest that this stuff probably happens on every job (given I have no knowledge or experience to know whether that is the case).

  • We thought the same and ended up going for Dulux Trade China white which to our eyes was a similar grey without the hint of colour

  • Have they allowed enough depth for the hidden free standing unit? It will come up quite a bit deeper than standard 600mm - measured our bosch at 650mm ish inc door min.
    Also the plinth will need to stop as typical free standing go right to the floor. Sorry if this has all been thought of - just figure if the fuck up is that they are assuming you are using an integrated this detail might have been missed.

  • Yes, the depth is 700mm... which makes for a luxuriously deep worktop all the way around.

    The drawings all show the right thing with everything considered... what was delivered was just a different thing.

  • It definitely happens on a lot of jobs.

  • Nice ! Hope they fix it quick

  • Please put two sash lifts on each sash on your box window's as it's making my ocd twitch :-)

  • Day 12

    Cabinets and appliances have arrived, fitting has started.

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  • FYI: Cabinets come primed and need painting... the interior is walnut, but the back is veneered chipboard.

  • excited? its moving fast now!

  • Somewhere in the inconvenience of not having a fridge or being able to do laundry I would say... not yet :D

    It's nice to see it coming together so quickly, but I know there's still 3+ weeks of it in a semi-assembled state as we work towards getting the worktop in and the cabinets painted.

    It's close... but yet so far away.

  • I think I failed to mention earlier... builder has suggested tapering the worktop such that the cabinets against the back wall aren't really against the wall, but they're square to the cabinets on the side walls.

    Typical Victorian house thing... the room isn't straight.

    But as the floor tiles are straight and the side walls are parallel, then there's only a few cm to account for in the far wall. This is being accounted for by tapering the worktop so that it's 70cm deep on the right hand side, and only 68cm deep on the left hand side.

    It's a minor detail, that along with grout patterns I wouldn't have bothered with... but at the same time I deeply appreciate that someone else has the eye for that type of detail.

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Kitchen's Kitchen

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