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  • excited?

    Totally... it's a huge thing, but the work needs to happen anyway to solve so many problem with the existing kitchen, and it's going to make a qualitative improvement to me and make this a far happier space for me :)

  • I assume you're planning on staying there for a long time? This kind of premium work doesn't tend to translate well to uplifted property values but if you're planning to be there a long time and it's important to you then go for it.

  • Yes. I realised I'd need to spend £25k on a cheap job (because of the plumbing, electrics, boiler issues, ripping up the floor, etc)... and really the +£30k difference is me thinking I am not moving from here for a significant period of time - a decade or two perhaps, so going for super high quality to make that a low cost of ownership with few to no surprises, at the cost of a high expenditure now.

    For me, aside from all of the existing problems - that end of the house doesn't feel like a home to me. I want it to. I want it to be a space that emotionally entices me to be in there, I want to want to be in there. The colours, the materials, the quality, the light, the atmosphere in there... all of it contribute to being a space in which I want to be.

  • If you get that, it's money well spent.

  • A list of trades you used and whether you'd recommend them would be super helpful for me (hopefully in the not too distant future). If you can be arsed/want to share such a thing.

  • We have a great bathroom and kitchen fitter if needed. We would recommend them without hesitation. Plus he's a roadie and can talk bikes.

  • Awesome, thanks. Maybe an idea for a thread (if it doesn't already exist) so as to not derail this one. Just a place where people can ask for or drop recommendations. Might take some noise out of the Owning Your Own Home thread too.

  • Yeah I had said the same thing on the OYOH thread

  • Final plans approved... deposit paid... builder approved... now waiting to find out from them talking about when this will all happen.

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Kitchen's Kitchen

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