Campagnolo 11 speed 5 arm groupset

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  • Full campag 11 chorus groupset.
    Having a clear out. Bought this groupset for ac build that is no longer happening. Fantastic condition for its age only every used on best bike and stored away during winter. Compact 50/34 chainset 172.5mm arms. Bearings are good clip and nut included.
    Shifters in clean condition a tiny amount of lacquer missing but barely noticeable. Scuff to the rear mech again only minor. Apart from that great order. Yellow series swiss stop pads.
    Cassette has an additional single 27 cog the rest is 12-25. Record chain showing little wear in checker. Ceramic jockey wheels added.
    Loads of pictures any questions please ask. Asking what I paid £350 or £360 posted­bx/AAAESYsab7ld-PSI8IAFxVzza?dl=0

  • Dibs.

  • Second dibs

  • Knew I shouldn’t have procrastinated when I saw this first thing.

    Will take if those above drop out.

  • I was about to procrastinate as well... But thought it'd go... So bit it and dibsed. Glad I did.

  • I saw it over my morning porridge at 5.30 and I’ll blame the procrastination on the caffeine having not kicked in yet.

    Great buy

  • Thanks gents. Replied to first dibs and message. I'l update if available after that. Should of put my price up 😀

  • Haha exactly the same here arghh

  • Sold to @anidel pending payment cheers everyone. Plenty of nice goodies still available 😉

  • 100% sold


Campagnolo 11 speed 5 arm groupset

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