Fixed Lanes Rides

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  • A few of us have been doing semi regular rides in the lanes in the south side and @French_Touch recent post reminded me we have been waiting for lockdown to ease to the point where we can invite others to come join us.

    I/we call them fixed lanes rides as the main group of 3 or 4 regulars are all riding fixed but any bike is welcome, fixed or not. The title is, I guess, somewhat indicative of the pace and nature of the ride. Ie, you are perfectly welcome to turn up on your Di2 race weapon but you’re likely to get bored waiting at the top of every hill for us fixed riders to grind up to meet you.

    Distance tends to be around 35-45 miles and we have settled into a pace of around 16mph. We would run a ‘no drop’ policy but you know, that’s the sort of speed we look to hit.

    You’re going to want to bring what you need to make it round. The southside lanes do get quite remote and a rail bail isn’t an option a lot of the time so tubes and the tools to use them. Lights will be required towards the end of the ride. Water and some food is a good idea and the last couple rides have ended with picking up a beer and chilling in the park so you’ll need a mask to pop into the offy.

    I know it’s last minute but we have a ride planned for tonight.

    Meet at Eastwood Toll, 1845 for a 1900 rollout. We’ll be taking the cross country route through Neilston etc to Lochwinnoch then rolling back along the cycle route.

  • This sounds good.

    Been out on my roadie a lot but would be up for joining you guys and riding fixed. Missed this last night but if you post up here I'll keep an eye out.

  • Aye, sorry it was so last minute.

    Not to rub it in but you did miss a good one! Some beastly climbs and equally hairy descents then a nice and quick but social roll back in on the cycle path.

    I'll make sure and post up the next ride soon as a plan is formulated.

  • Next ride is looking like Friday evening, probably a 7pm meet up at Eastwood toll again.

    Route here,­772797550?fbclid=IwAR3SKeGU47a-6Jrf1-Zln­87jv_LsByYpzPfTAOx66r1SMgk-5r-sNLQvypQ

  • Sounds ace. Tempted to join you, I'll check in and confirm friday if I can make it.

  • might try and join for one of these, M_V... will keep an eye on the forum...

  • This ride has moved to Sunday, we haven't confirmed a time yet, probably evening or afternoon.

  • sick of this miserable pissy rain

  • Weather is clearing later @cozey we're looking at rolling out sometime between 1830-1900 from Langside Hall, just finalising the times with other riders.

  • Ok so here's this evening's route:­772797550?fbclid=IwAR3SKeGU47a-6Jrf1-Zln­87jv_LsByYpzPfTAOx66r1SMgk-5r-sNLQvypQ

    Two riders will be leaving Langside Hall at 1845, grabbing @M_V on the way up the A77, and then myself approximately 10 minutes later at Eastwood Toll. Most of us will be fixed gear, please take the time to read the first post on this thread as it succinctly sums up the aims and vibe of this ride. Please comment here if you are attending so other riders know whether to wait for you! @cozey @French_Touch

  • On a bit of a DIY mission today so looking unlikely.

    I’ll post up if I can make it.


  • thanks - I went out earlier (avoiding the miserable pissy rain thankfully). enjoy !

  • Looks like another Sunday evening lane session is cooking for this week...

  • Rolling out from Battlefield Rest tonight at 7pm. @M_V will guide us out through Cambuslang, up the green lane Turnlaw Road, then left at the top towards High Blantyre, at which point we head south and east, taking in the villages of Glassford, Chapelton, Stonehouse and Sandford. After taking the Roman Road near Sandford, we will then turn our route and thoughts homeward through Strathaven and the undulating lanes to Eaglesham, Clarkston, then hopefully we'll just catch the offy for a malted recovery beverage somewhere. Here's my bit of the route so far:­310310064

  • Was my birthday last weekend so was a no go, are you heading out this weekend?

  • Nothing organised this weekend AFAIK, rest assured new rides will be posted as and when. I'm further north this weekend myself.

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Fixed Lanes Rides

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