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  • I'm considering an outdoor training session on Thursday evening up Bonnyton.

  • anyone cycled the A82 north of tarbet ? I am going camping with my old man in a couple of weeks and staying at the beinglas campsite. I can use the cycle path to get up the west side of the loch as far as tarbet. but after that there doesn't seem to be an alternative route, other than 10 miles on road on the A82. is there any way to avoid it or alternatively is the A82 manageable at that point because e.g. less busy?

    or could I perhaps get a ferry from luss to rowardennan and then ride the WHW from there to beinglas? I'd be on my gravel bike edit: just watched the rab wardell vid and apparently north of inversnaid is a nightmare on the WHW so that's probably a no go

  • anyone ridden this trail from the west end of loch katrine ? might be an option

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  • Almost certain the A82 is the only way. That road/trail from Loch Katrine wasn’t complete and I think it was taken out in places by landslides. No idea what state it’s in now. WHW is hike a bike for the section you are thinking of.

    Afraid the A82 is also pretty horrible. It’s uphill that way, loads of blind sections and arsehole drivers. Early will be quieter, but that’s also when the locals go flying along there at ridiculous speeds. I’m usual my coming the other way in a bunch with Lomond Roads and I hate it.

  • thanks - yeah, we've decided on an alternative campsite (up by loch achray) so can avoid the A82 headache.

  • Sound like you're sorted but for future reference, to get to Beinglas I'd probably take the road to Inversnaid then the slog up the whw to Ardleish then get the wee boat over to Ardlui. The whw aint fun but your not on it for long.

  • Hey, i messaged on here a while ago about meeting for rides, but i guess my masters course got the better of me and took up all my time.
    anyway, now i'm free, i'd be still up for any coffee rides or going on some different routes from the southside if anyone else is interested...

    Also, I'm selling some cheap road wheels on the forum if anyone is interested. Would be handy if anyone in Glasgow was looking. Bontrager Selects with 10 speed Shimano cassette and michelin dynamic sports 23mm if you would like them. 60£­16/

    best, R

  • Glasgow Wheelers are currently running some pretty easy paced Sunday rides as a few people haven't done much riding during the pandemic, I'd definitely check one out. I'm planning to get out for an evening this week but not sure what my weekend plans are (they may be tidying the flat unfortunately). If you fancy a pedal on Wednesday/Thursday evening let me know, happy to do whatever kind of ride you're comfortable with.

  • I could be up for joining you on Thursday?

  • I'm cool with that.

  • Shall we make this happen then? Thursday, 7pm roll out from Langside Hall, head up the 77 and into the lanes after Malletsheugh at Glanderston, out at Craigton, over Black Loch, over the Kingswell and back to Eaglesham via the Moor Road, Bonnyton, Floors etc. It's about 55km, takes me under 2 hours on my fixed gear so should be fine. There's a bail out before and after Kingswell too (after won't shorten it but it removes the Moor Road climbing). Also one after Craigton if anyone really isn't feeling it.

  • Sounds good. I'm in.

  • Anyone else fancy this? @rlerlerlerlerle?

    I might bring the geared bike and will likely be full lycra if anyone cares about what to wear. We'll just see what pace works best for whoever is out and won't be dropping anyone.

  • I'll bring the road bike as well.

  • Sorry, I'm gonna have to stay home, my son is ill (non-COVID). Luckily next week is also meant to be roasting so we can sort a day then if you want?

  • Hope he's ok.

    Yeah thats fine next week, my daughter goes to the grandparents on a thursday so it's quite good night, but wednesday could also work for me.

    I'll probably go out tonight as well anyway.

  • Hi there, sorry i'm quite bad at keeping up with the updates here. unfortunately this week has been v busy so not really had free evenings but likewise next week is looking much better.
    That route you mentioned is something i do every now and again, those lanes after the reservoir are great.
    I gave up the single speed ages ago, so just gears for me.

    hope next week works out,

  • Can I suggest we go for tomorrow? Weather looks much better than Thursday.

  • I'd be up for tomorrow. R

  • I can ride tomorrow but preference would be starting at 5 - appreciate that might be too early

  • I've got a 4.30pm appt at work but I could try and rearrange it? Happy to go earlier than the 7pm planned last week if that helps folk get out.

  • @rlerlerlerlerle @cozey @French_Touch I can only do 7pm at the earliest, have to get Sami down to bed. If everyone else wants to get out earlier then go for it.

  • understood. I'll probably just go out solo at 5

  • 7pm probs works slightly better for me, so happy to meet. still meet at langside hall?

  • Yeah, 7 at Langside. Same route as I suggested last time, no drop, just see how we get on.

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Glasgow road routes

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