Glasgow road routes

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  • Cool, see you at 7pm.

  • Be cool if you could make it, group of 4 then.

  • Great, @French_Touch and @rlerlerlerlerle , see you there. I should be on time but possibly a couple of minutes late depending how well the boy goes down to sleep. I'll wear a yellow and blue Lomond Roads jersey so it's obvious it's me.

  • it'll be dark !!

  • Hopefully not too dark, I've got the lights charging. Might bring the big front light.

  • I'm now going to the pub after my ride so have to head out early - next time ! might even see you head out as I come back

    was talking to some GGCC members about maybe doing one of the classico routes on the weekend of paris-roubaix (02/10)

  • I'd definitely be up for that if I'm free.

  • Really enjoyed that last night weather was brilliant as well.

    Always keen to get out and having something planned might help with motivation when the weather gets crap.

  • I'm back in the game, although 30 mins on the rollers killed me yesterday. I've got a big light so happy to do some evening riding either this week or next if anyone fancies it?

  • I’m up on islay this week but up for next week.

    Any light recommendations? Mine are good got commuting in the city but not sure about further afield.

  • My rear light is an Exposure Blaze Mk3 ReAKT. It's pretty expensive but very good and I reckon a decent rear light is well worth the money for riding in the dark. It flares when you brake which is also really good.

    For front lights to see by rather than just be seen I have a Moon ADJ800 but I don't think they make these anymore. These are a bit more tricky as they get expensive quickly and I got mine so I could do some off-road stuff too. I'd look for something that can do 800 lumens (they all tend to cover a wider range depending on mode), ideally with a wider beam and a mount that doesn't mean you need to break out the allen keys every time you put it on. If you can find one with an external battery pack it'll last longer, a lot of the ones that look like torches have quite a short burn time on the highest setting, but some of the wider ones also have decent burn time. There are some very cheap lights on eBay but fair warning, I know at least 3 people who have had cheap battery packs explode on them while charging. Luckily they were doing it in the garage. This looks really good:­rm-pro-light

    And if I were buying again I'd be looking for something for off-road with an external battery pack so would probably go for this, or something similar:­lightweight-led-front-light

  • I got Magicshine Monteer lights for MTB and gravel. Got a 8000s which is overkill even for aircraft. The thing is ridiculous and nigh on anti social for all but the most deserted MTB trails.

    Also got the 3000 version or whatever its called and even that I would point down in most scenarios on road but christ are you visible.

    Moon Nebula for the rear is good.

  • Going to head out tomorrow morning if anyone interested, as the weather looks good. Will probably take the gravel bike, but do a road route.

    Heading south out the lanes.

  • Sorry, been shit at posting here, and shit at riding much if I'm honest. I'm heading out on Wednesday (18th) for an A77/Moor Road/Kingswell loop training session if anyone wants to come. Plan is ride out, three times round the loop (or more or less, people can do what they want there) then ride back. Aim to average around 25kph, so will be putting in a bit of effort but nothing silly as I've been ill (non-COVID). It's a Glasgow Wheelers ride but all welcome. @French_Touch @rlerlerlerlerle

    Route here:

  • Cool looks dece. I'd be up for joining and seeing how i get on. I'm only free from about 7pm tho, so def dark/cold.. what time you looking at?
    thanks for messaging. R

  • Sorry, thought I'd included the time. Aiming to leave Langside Hall at 7pm, I might be a few minutes late.

  • I should make it for 7, if not 5 or 10 mins after. c u there

  • Thanks for coming along man, I was very happy to get out and to have someone to talk to. Think I might have bailed out after two loops in that cold if I was on my own.

    The route seemed to work well so I'm planning to do this at least every other week if the weather is ok. The roads were starting to get a little slippy in places so if we have to I'll shift the ride to looping the A77 via a couple of the roundabouts (there's a few to choose from).

  • Just seeing this now, I'd be keen for future rides. Got myself some decent lights as well so no problem with a later spin.

    Also recovering after covid fucked my fitness plans over the last few weeks (that isolation + trying to ease back into things).

  • Great. Definitely planning to do it at least every other week, if not every week, when the weather plays ball.

  • ha, my hands felt like mush when i got back, but was good fun!

    hopefully can be a regular occurrence .


  • anyone fancy a 1.5 / 2 hr ride this fri / sat / sun?


  • I'll see if I can, friday is a maybe.

  • Actually can’t do Friday now, working then commitments after, still good for sat or sun tho. R

  • Just dropping into this thread, as there's a chance I could be moving to Glasgow in the next couple of months. Looks like there's some great riding around. I did Tak Ma Doon and Crow Rd during a short visit a few months ago.

    I wanted to ask people what the midge situation is like, as I'd read a few nightmare stories. Is cycling in summer a massive issue due to the little buggers, or does everybody just ride SE of the city? Maybe a great excuse to go away as much as possible June-August?

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Glasgow road routes

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