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  • As the roads are getting busier again, and the weapons seem to have come out their shells to get behind their wheels instead, my trusty lockdown loops and routes are becoming a little less tenable. Too many arseholes.

    Place to share decent routes or roads, especially to get out of town..

  • Which side of the city you on?

    We do (roughly) weekly rides out in the lanes to the south of the city so know a fair few good routes out that way.

  • I'm southside, over in Pollokshields.

  • Had my first ride out to the lanes out the back of newton mearns yesterday, went over through neilston, was an epic cycle. Can see the appeal, and can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get out there.

  • Not sure if anyone about and fancies joining, but if the weather holds up I might take a 50/60km loop out of the southside at some point this weekend - either friday late afternoon or sat/sun morning. Will be taking the road bike out.

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  • i want to pick one of the clubs here to join, for racing purposes; any recommendations?

  • Nightingales have a fair folk racing but their bunch ride is north of the city, worth keeping in mind.

  • What kind of racing? Bunch or TT?

  • Anyone on here a member of any clubs generally?

  • Yeah, 3. Lomond Roads, Glasgow Wheelers and Glasgow Green. All are a bit different, are you looking to join a club? what kind of riding are you after?

  • track, all disciplines.

  • Of the clubs that Skydog mentions, probably Glasgow Wheelers and Glasgow Green are better represented at the track, and also worth mentioning VC Glasgow South too. Obviously the velodrome is pretty much out of bounds currently I think, can't see the usual winter track league happening.

  • i chuckle everytime i see VCGS mentioned. I clocked a member of theirs sailing through a red light coming down the a77 at speed. Sent them a DM on twitter just to give them a heads up. Said 'thanks, we'll deal with it' then blocked me, haha

  • plus also... that kit.....................................­.

  • What Wiresmith said for track. A few GGCC folk now race for Torvelo but they'll still hang out together. Road racing is turning into a team dominated discipline these days, but Nightingales and the Ivy seem well represented. Of the three I'm a member of, the Wheelers have some very good TTers and track riders, Lomond Roads have some good TTers and Glasgow Green have a mix or TTers, track racers and road racers (although they've lost a lot of racers to Torvelo). You don't have to be a club member to race though.

  • As I'm getting into road more and more, I've started to wonder about whether I should go along to a few club rides.

    My mates who cycle mainly live in edinburgh/up north/are into downhill MTB so I am always out solo, which I enjoy but it might suit to have a fixed club run I could work into my week.

  • Apologise for the long post in advance...

    All the clubs I ride with are different in terms of their club runs. Depending on what kind of ride I want, and what day I can get out, I'll choose who I want to ride with:

    Glasgow Green: Sunday rides at 8:30am. Probably the most "club" like bunch. They always announce the routes on the Friday beforehand, have an m-check before they set off, have multiple stops and, usually, a coffee stop at a big enough place for everyone (currently suspended). They ride in several pace groups from 14-16mph no drop, up to 20+mph race pace. Routes are rotated but essentially they have about 4-6 that they ride in one direction or the other. They're a big club so most riding is on main roads. All groups ride in a rotation in the summer and some switch to spells in the winter. Every group does the same route so you can step up/step down if you want as there are a couple of stops in the rides. Usually about 50 miles at most in length. On a nice day they can easily get 30+ riders out in different bunches and 40+ isn't unheard of. If I don't want to think about what to do and don't want to ride all day I head out with GGCC. They have no rules on mudguards in winter... Also, currently rides are only open to club members. With so many people it's the only way they can handle the current restrictions.

    Lomond Roads: Ride on Saturday. Old school club. Most riders know each other very well and it feels like what you would expect a club run to be I think. Usually run 2 groups, one 16mph on a shorter route and one 18mph on a longer route. Rides are on their website and can vary from 60-100+ miles. They ride spells and they're a great bunch to ride with you want to get to know the roads out west. Rides can obviously be quite long, especially if there are mechanicals, but they have some great routes. Fair warning they use the A82 and the A8 on some rides which I'm really not a big fan of, but it's never felt unsafe. If I'm up for a bigger ride or I have to ride on Saturday I ride with them.

    Glasgow Wheelers: Ride on Sunday. Smaller membership but like Lomond Roads. Aim is to run one shorter, slower group and one longer, but numbers usually mean it's a single group and people extend at a point if they want to. Rides announced on Friday and club captain decides the route. Really friendly bunch and a later depart time of 9:30am which may or may not work for you. I'd prefer a 9am depart and there is a tendency to hang about a bit if people have stopped at Tinderbox for coffee. In the summer they run some really long, all day rides which are great.

    The other option is you could head out with those of us who do longer rides on here? I rotate between club riding and doing my own thing with mates, either geared or fixed, and you'd be welcome to come along. Pace can vary a bit, from an easy 16mph spin in the sun to 18+mph hilly leg shredding and it usually depends on who's out, but we're honest about pace so won't say it's going to be easy then smash it up every hill.

  • LRCC also list their runs in advance on their website so you can avoid any A82 runs (typically the february 100-in-8 reliability ride, kilcreggan run, or the cri)

    can be a bit of a ballache to get to their start place (kilbowie roundabout) from the south side but it does give you an opportunity to ride the renfrew ferry !

  • The kilcreggan run isn't too bad, same with Glen Fruin. That early bit of the 82, while still not great, is wide enough. I wouldn't avoid those runs because of it. It's the Crianlarich down to Tarbert part I really don't like (never ridden up that section, but would be even worse).

    It takes me about 35 minutes from Shawlands to get to the Kilbowie Roundabout, so not too bad but it does add an hour onto the ride time.

  • worth also mentioning for GGCC that they do mid-week (weds) training rides throughout winter and summer, which are usually fairly well attended. there are also a couple of semi-unofficial club rides on saturdays: one in the roads around renfrewshire starting from braehead; and, another in the roads around strathaven/ardochrig, starting in blantyre

  • Thanks, very informative.

    I suppose I should just get out, i don't really know what my pace in a group would be, ball park figure, how much faster than riding solo do you reckon you are in a group?

    Would definitely be up for going out with folk off here though, never managed to get out on fixed lanes over summer.

  • ballpark I'd reckon couple mph faster without breaking sweat. I am fat_and_slow(TM) and so normally only ride about 14 mph but can hold 16 in a group with no issues, and it's easier to stretch to 17-18 in the right circumstances

  • What Cozey says, but best to just get out and give it a go. Glasgow Wheelers leave at 9:30am on Sunday from outside the Kelvinhall (the actual hall, not the underground) and the pace is very sociable.

    Over winter I generally prefer smaller group riding, so I'll get some stuck up on here as and when. Not sure if I'm out with the Wheelers this weekend but will let you know if I am.

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Glasgow road routes

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