Welding/gluing cable stops

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  • I have an alloy frameset hanging around, but I only just noticed that the previous owner had the cable stops removed from the bike, rather untidily I might add.

    What's the best way of getting new cable stops on there, and where can I get the necessary parts?

  • Easiest option might be to run full length outers

  • Got a picture?

  • This is where the cable stops once lived.

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  • And I presume use cable ties to stop them moving all around? Also, would any cable guide at the bottom bracket work, or would it have to be specific to the bike?

  • There’s a Jtek clamp-on that provides 2 or 3 stops on downtubes. It ain’t pretty.
    I think there are options for tube diameters, but not sure if options for PHAT ALU is offered (I mean, old steel is pretty uniform).


  • Reckon full length outers. You can also get plastic cable clamps for outers that screw into rivnuts. You’d have to put some holes into the frame of course. I dunno if that’s an invitation to some emergency dentistry or what. It’s definitely more hassle than the frame might be worth but heck (am poster child for chasing lost bike causes).

  • Don't think the jtek would work, this frame being alloy it's got all weird kind of tube shapes.

    Not sure I want to be drilling holes into an alloy frame, particularly so close to the headtube welds

  • VELCRO? jks jks

    on the drill holes. I figured for full outers running the length of the down tube, you’d need a single small (threaded) hole per double cable clamp. Those would be drilled well away from the tube ends. One under the bottom bracket shell to complete the run.

    I had a Giant alu town bike (IGH and rollerbrakes) that did this. It was discrete and fuss-free.

  • I guess the challenge will be the cable for the front derailleur as you can't run a full length outer to these on typical road front mech.

    I wonder if there is a BB cable guide that doubles as a cable stop.

    One of these.

    edit: https://problemsolversbike.com/products/­drivetrain/bottom_bracket_cable_guide_-_­j1160

    One of these:

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Welding/gluing cable stops

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