PAC XL Messenger Bag

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  • Got a huge Pac Messenger bag just laying around that's just too much for what I need, used it during my time on the road and I purchased it from another Courier so its got alot of miles on it!
    I believe they got it around 2004/5 and I pick it up 2017? I can't remember too well.
    Its fairly rough around the edges, and a few stiches that could do with reworking, but PAC's quality means its got tons of life left it in! Might need spraying with some water repellent stuff as it doesn't stand up to a day constant rain anymore
    Does come with a few patches, CMWC05, ECMC Dublin etc. I can throw some more in if I find them, also have some extension straps with it and I've hauled some big stuff no problem, even takes a bike and wheels with ease!
    £120 posted and its yours, unless you're anywhere near Rugby and can collect!
    I'll fire some pictures up later!
    Gracias Amigos

  • sold!


PAC XL Messenger Bag

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