Recommendations for calipers measuring tool

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  • I'm looking to get some calipers but not sure which type or make might be suitable for me.
    Please can you offer some suggestions?
    I'm a general purpose tinkerer, and not just bikes; usually happy with something in the middle range.


  • I'd go for a decent quality 150 mm vernier caliper, but they take a bit of practice to read. There's nothing to go wrong on them though and no batteries to run out. 0.02 mm resolution is good enough for most day to day measurements. Mine's an RS branded one, but it's 20 years old so I've no idea if they're still good. I would assume so.

    If you want a digital caliper it's worth spending as much as you can I reckon. I've got some Mitutoyo ones that are fantastic. All of the cheaper ones I've used have been disappointing in one way or another - battery life, button function, feel, etc.

  • I’ve got a cheap one I got from maplins was about £15, it lives in my workshop. It does the job adequately, it’s good for the money. Just not totally reliable on the digital side and feels a little cheap.

    Got a mitutoyo one as well and it is super accurate and feels nice to use. It about was 10x the price though and it lives on my desk rather than a cold damp workshop.

    You can’t go too far wrong with either for the money. They’re super useful. I use mine nearly every day for one thing or another. I wouldn’t be without one if you’re into making/designing/fabricating/repairing etc

    Just get a cheap one then get a better one when you feel the need

  • If you get the cheap digital calipers, store them with the battery out, was the hot tip. Otherwise it just drains it.

  • Thanks for the tips all. I’ll start with the simpler end of the scale for now.

  • An old fashioned analogue Mitutoyo is around £35 on Amazon, has more than enough accuracy for bike stuff, and will last forever.

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Recommendations for calipers measuring tool

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