• I have found this add for a Montello, but something doesn't look right. The front of the frame seems ok, but then at the BB it looks like its been repainted. Cromor tubing sticker, and rear dropouts have fender hooks?
    Did Pinarello ever made such a model?


  • it looks like a legit pinarello, it would take a lot to fake the pantographing.

    it probably is a montello, I wouldn't doubt that particularly but it isn't the most desirable looking one out there. the earlier frames from the 80s with chrome stays and forks, to me at least, are way more appealing with era correct campag groupset.

    I've got a pinarello from early 80s and its pretty special, I've had it longer than any other road bike I've got. definitely worth seeking one out, pinarello frames from that period seem to have something about them and is one of the few bikes I've had where random people come up and start talking to you about it in the street.

    500e doesn't seem like an unfair price, buy it if you like it

  • It was a real montello, with its genuine “webbed” BB shell.
    Dropouts could have been requested or changed in a second time.
    Forks looks like they are from newer models (Oria or own branded Pinarello tubing, like on the Stelvio).
    I wouldn’t be surprised if that frame came out of the factory like this when the Montello was out of production, sold as a mid-range bike during the second half of the 90s.
    Paint is definitely not original.

  • @Dogtemple Thanks! I agree, the look isn't the greatest...:D The original looking Montellos are among my favourite ever. That is why I kept an eye for one for a long time and this is first one in my size.
    @Breso Dropout change could have definitely been a thing, indeed. The rest of the bike looks legit do doubt there:) Curious for the reason to change it. Was it simply for the fender, or was it broke in someway. That was my initial worry

    Thanks guys, I think I go for it:)
    I plan on using it daily. With this paint actually I will be less sad when scratches will inevitably occur:D

  • And those Eyeholes can come in handy in autumn:)

  • I had a Pinarello with mudguard eyelets, they used to make some specifically to sell in the U.K. (and possibly other Northern European markets).

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Need help identifying. Is this a genuine Montello???

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