Turbo rocker plate DIY build

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  • Being a bit bored and having spent more time on the turbo during lockdown I’ve decided to build my own turbo rocker plate.
    The design will utilise isolation mounts and a couple of dodge balls.
    I’ve had to buy a couple of tools including some some clamps and new router bits.
    The rocker plates Facebook group has provided much of the information.
    So far I have
    Rough cut the 18mm hardwood ply.
    Finished the top plate to size - using an old Ikea Poang to generate the curves
    Used the top plate as a template for the bottom plate allowing for a step and a potential spot to mount an iPad stand in future.
    Here are the initial photos from the work so far.

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  • Good job!

  • Phase 2. Holes drilled and recessed. Isolation mounts bolted on and top plate attached. Balls are proving tricky to fit.

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  • And this, apart from painting, is the completed rocker. I finally found a use for the pedal straps I’ve tried to sell on here a few times and the front wheel is held by Velcro which goes through a webbing strap each side.
    I am hoping that the balls will be happy between the plates without a hole in the top place but I’ll see. I may be adding a couple before painting.
    Getting on and off is a challenge.

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  • That's great. Will you be able to adjust the amount of rock?

  • Yes. There are two dodgeballs with the valve accessible. I’m not convinced by these balls and will be popping into decathlon to see if they still have their Pilates balls that are slightly smaller and more dense.

  • Seems like the build was ok. Time for some paint...

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  • Complete. Not sure about only two balls. Will see how it goes. Colour match to the Ikea Kallax is great. Holman paints in Swindon provided the mixed high gloss paint to my colour request in 3 days.

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  • Looks great.

    What are the little spacer things?

  • They are the sandwich between the upper and lower plate. They are isolation mounts I think more typically used for soundproofing floors I think. They provide the movement of the top plate which is further controlled by two inflatable balls. Some use much more complex bearing systems for side to side and fore and aft movement.

  • So I’ve been using the plate for around a month now. It’s a much more comfortable ride. The bike moves in a way which is not unroad like. I don’t have a lot of side to side rock when out on the road so the works really well indoors with the plate. There is enough movement for it to make a big difference to turbo sessions. What I am having trouble getting used to is out of the saddle efforts, things feel a little less stable so more practice required and maybe a bit more air in the dodgeballs.

  • Alan, really nice job! The red theme is really cool. Might have to mine in green to match my Bianchi.
    Looks like something you can buy. Trying not to spend the $300 for CNC cut wood, you came up with a good idea for the curves. Thanks for sharing your build. Kudos from South Texas, Robert

  • Some use much more complex bearing systems for side to side and fore and aft movement.

    Thread dredge - Do you have any links for these other builds?


  • Brilliant - Cheers.

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Turbo rocker plate DIY build

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