3t Exploro cracked top tube

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  • I have a 3t Exploro which I got second hand. From day one of owning it we've not got on. It's cursed, one problem after another! The last couple of rides the seat post has started slipping, it's got that stupid 'wedge' thingie which clearly doesn't work properly. So today was tightening the bolt and the paint on the top tube starts to splinter but the seat post is still not tight. I've attached a photo and haven't touched anything since the 'incident'. Is there anyone out there who can fix this, I'm really tempted to sell it for parts or maybe just put it out for recycling.

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  • The visible damage to the frame looks repairable, i.e. repair job on the outside face of the frame using a lot of prep work, application of epoxy-wetted patches of carbon weave, and a lot of tidy up. Then perhaps a massive sticker over the top if you don't want to paint it. :D. I have performed a repair like that before on a race bike top tube.

    However, the fact this was caused by the seatpost clamp is more worrying and suggests potential damage from inside the seat tube and that is something I've never fixed before.

    Out of interest, is/was there any carbon assembly paste on the seat post?

  • Dibs the frameset :')

  • When I first adjusted the seat post no there wasn't but I did use some myself as I thought this would help.

  • You're welcome to it!

  • Did you use a torque wrench?

  • I've been doing work a bit on steel bikes recently but carbon would be new. If you're serious about letting go, send me a message and I'd love to have a look into a repair. Much appreciated

  • Yes, maybe I should have stripped it down when I bought it and rebuilt it properly. The most cursed piece if equipment I've ever bought!

  • HQ Fibre in Norwich.

    I spoke to both Mike's wife and Mike last time I called.

    £60/70 for a repair to a trispoke rim including return postage

  • Such a shame. Have always thought they look like a fun biek

  • https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/ne­rd-alert-podcast/id1489098732?i=10004791­32271

    The Exploro gets talked about quite a lot in the last section of this podcast.

  • @Ghirotto sorry to hear you are having troubles with your bike. Not around your neck of the woods, but I have used Carbon Bike Repair in Dorking to get carbon frames fixed in the past....don't worry the C59 is still safe ;)

  • Those gen 1 exploro frames are notorious for slipping seatposts - they changed the design for gen 2 as far as I'm aware.

  • HQ Fibre products in Norwich. I paid 78 pounds to get a wheel sorted which includes return postage.

    There was a two to three week waiting list last thursday

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3t Exploro cracked top tube

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