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  • If also recommend changing the rear derailleur cable guides to fully sheathed if you can. Mine often bungs up under the bb

    Noted thanks, I had planned to get Aurum to do powder coat and the frame work as they have a frame builder now, will let you know price.

  • MKS lambda Pedals

    I cant bring myself to buy these sorry, I'm sure they're great but...

  • I have the silver ones on my tandem. Look much nicer in real life. Super smooth bearings too.

  • That’s a cool looking bike.

  • I second that. I had lambadas on my cargo bike and they were excellent pedals (should have kept them).
    Now for flat pedals I love Blackspire.

  • Give them the mudguards too, they should be able to paint them as well. I'm pretty sure the mudguards on this are painted GBs.

  • +1 for lambas in silver!
    They don't add much to the q-factor, and I find they make my HTII mtb cranks feel like a set of HTII road cranks with mtb flat pedal - if that makes any sense.

    In short, if you feel like your q-factor is too wide, you might benefit from a pair of lambas.

  • Ah well I bought some of the new DMR v12 Mags' as they're on sale on CRC

    but if i have any issues, i'll look at the Lambdas'.

    @cgg That's the plan yes, and they are.

  • Those Pletschers with pannier bars are blowing my tiny mind.

    Does anyone have experience with them? How much does the system weigh?

  • A nice pile of stuff collecting up in the spare room

  • More things have arrived, I Spa Cycles 38t narrow wide and 40t Chainring guard for my GF's bike. Minimal branding, just what I like

    The narrow wide will mean the chain shouldn't come off, the guard is actually becuase she asked to help keep oil/dirt off her clothes, which I understand.

    I was orignally going to use a set of black Rival cranks I have spare, but I think the orignal square taper ones will be nicer.

  • aha I needed a 38t narrow wide chainring this looks perf.

  • Rode it last night, just emailing Aurum about the eyelets to add and colour to powdercoat.

    I think im going to go for RAL 5008

  • That is very good looking colour!

  • I hope it looks that good IRL. I've also ordered some 60mm GB guards which I may get painted too.

    I also asked to add some eyelets:

    • Make the current Mid-blade the middle of a triple mount

    • Chainstay bridge (where the existing hole is)

    • Seatstay bridge (could be awkward as it several holes)

    • Replace this eyelet with a snapped bolt

    Closest I can find on Ceeways is

    so I may have to get both replaced so they match

    I've had a lot of nice parcels show up lately, including this:

    in other news, Ive given my GF my topeak pump, as it fits so perfectly on her bike

  • Are the GB delivered with the daruma bolt nowadays?

  • Wow with all that nice parts consider me interested to see what the output will be! Open the Wizard Works package! What is it?

  • Sounds like some very sensible frame mods!
    And that frame pump fit is just spot on!

  • They have been for quite a while, my old part from about 5 years ago had them.

  • Subbed. Did you see the latest Vagabond iteration? triple mounts on the fork, might be TA though, not sure.I don't think they do forks separately though anyway.

  • Looks to be a whole lot more eyelets, slightly oddly it has TA on the rear but not the front, they make a steel for for the Croix de Fer with TA too....

  • I noticed that the weird rear TA/front QR setup as well.. According to the specs it's all TA though. Might be a pre production fork - as the flat mount/IS brake setup is slightly odd-ball as well.

  • Also costs twice as much as mine did four years ago!

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Spotter's Current Project Collation

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