Gazelle AA-Super Monostay

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  • agh these frames are so much fun - im waiting till the end of this.. thing till i can go home and pick mine up - how're you planning on setting it up?

  • I think I will go with Zee again, it just works so well for the price. Used it on my previous Rock Lobster.

    Zee Shifter
    Zee Chainset
    Zee RD

    Wheelset & discs setup is yet TBD

    Would love to go SS, but I don’t have the dropout adapter and not sure this is a good shout being based in Somerset.

  • Got a couple of Zee parts on the way for the inbred. I've taken an interest in the new Deore M6100 brakes, they have great reviews at a cracking price.

  • Shimano Zee parts have arrived for the Inbred, big fan of Zee components

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  • Finally managed to sort some decent wheels. Hope Pro2 on WTB rims. It's slowly starting to take shape now.

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  • Drive train sorted for the Inbred. I went with 175 X1 Sram setup.

    Small update on the AA-Super Monostay. Some nice alloy/carbon centaur bits. Will get some updated pics on the Gazelle.

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  • Anyone had experience with Clarks M2.

    £45 is an outstanding price for cheap and cheerful discs.

    Ideally I will upgrade to hope mono mini soon, as per my previous Rock Lobster 26.

    Worth a punt

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  • i think @Hulsroy may have owned some clarks

  • They work, very screechy in the wet, enough power for pootling around town or riding trails very slowly.

    The pads mode a hell of a lot under braking which is disconcerting, and the levers occasionally feel like they might fail if you grab too much of a handful.

    I had them on as a quick solution on my inbred but once I started to ride some local trails they felt inadequate (so did the whole bike to be fair...).

    So I guess it depends on planned use! About town and tow paths and nothing aggressive. Great. Actual mountain biking? Get some M6000.

  • These are for sure a temp solution. As stated, I will be changing these for hope mono minis that I used to run on my rock lobster 26.

    Just wanted to get the inbred built as I was stalling between deore m6000 / xt Deore m8000 / slx & hope mono mini

  • Sorry no. Cheap tektros and shiman0s

  • Changed the cranks to a more usable front ring setup, should be good for pottering around the lanes of Somerset.

    Hoping to have the build completed by the weekend

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  • I'm just here for the Monostay! any progress?

  • Finall finished, bit of a nightmare in the end with cranks, the new Sram Apex ring is too big even with multiple BB shell spacers.

    Reverted back to Sram X1 until I decide what to do. Overall fairly pleased with it

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  • This one is for @mattyc

    One sorry looking Monostay :-(

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  • Such potential! What’s the plan with aero DT shifter adapters? Take the braze-on off and route Di2 internal - better still Etap! 🙌

  • The On One is done and dusted now, it hasn't quite worked out as planned, so I've decided to replace it with a Surly Bridge Club frameset.

    The frame is on pre-order with John Woods in Bristol. You can only get black at the moment, so a discussion is happening to get this resprayed, more on that later on.......

    I've started the Gazelle build again, hoping to get this one sorted by the end of summer.

    Picked up some nice matching carbon Centuar cranks, never knew you could get square taper BB on these.

    Everything is pending this little sucker, the downtube aeromount. No idea where I can get mount that will take cable stops up top instead of on the sides.

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  • It’ll be a bit of a bodge but can’t you mount normal DT aero mounts to that one? Otherwise draw what you need and have it 3D printed? Or… di2 👍🏻

  • Or get an old clamp on mount and add the cable stops to that?

  • Take it off and put a di2 wire down the hole.

  • Finally got round to picking up a wheelset. Mavic CXP33 on Record Hubs.

    Gurt lush..

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  • Lovely 👌 little flash of colour on the top of the seat post clamp looks like a good match for the paint in this photo

  • Dude draw the shifter boss you want and send it to Martin and he’ll print it for you 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Really like where this is going

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Gazelle AA-Super Monostay

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