Gazelle AA-Super Monostay

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  • 1st attempt.....

    I got my first Gazelle Monostay in 2013 from jingle Jangle knowing for well it was slightly too small for me.

    I had some good memories on that bike, specifically the first l'eroica Britannia back in 2014. I had the bike built up on Shimano AX which proved to be a small nightmare.

    About 1hr into the ride the rear derailleur snapped, and I was forced to complete the ride fixed gear. It was an experience all right.

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  • sub'd!

  • The money shot!

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  • You've got bottle cage bosses on the seat tube, lucky you.

  • Ha, I come to this thread for the monostay and what do I find? A picture of myself chatting Gazelles. Good memories! I totally recall meeting you by the side of the road when that rear mech snapped too.

  • Plan is to build it up with a mix of Dura-Ace 7700 & 7800. I really wanted to put a Campagnolo groupset on this one, but the chances of finding a campagnolo freebody for the Maxic Cosmic Elite are slim.

    It's a bit tatty around the edges, and I prefer it that way. Garage queen need not apply.


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  • Ah good times! It was an absolute scorcher that year... Martin and I managed to miss a turn and add another 20km to the long route... 🤦♂️

  • Might be worth giving Condor a shout re campag freehubs - think they’ve had them in the past...

  • What about shimagnolo with an 8 speed casette and 10 speed shifters?

  • Awesome frame. By far, the worst tires I’ve ever ridden (constant flats).

  • Hahah..... I punctured yesterday just putting the inner tube in ;-)

  • the Vittoria Corsa Control G2.0 is far superior. great rolling tire - and extremely durable. i live in new york, and broken glass is part of the natural landscape.

  • May I say with my very Dutch accent: that's bloody beautiful! I'm surprised to see this colourway. There also was a fluorescent yellow and black kinda lopro typa gazelle on this forum. Where do you Brits find those? Never seen them colours on our marktplaats.
    My vote goes to 10sp record (with cf rims?), although I've never ridden such a group. It just looks the part. But DA is just as cool. Enjoy!

  • Thanks 👍

    I was also surprised on the colourway. At first I thought it was a respray, but it has all the hallmarks of a top Gazelle paint job.

    P.S - I used to live in Leeuwarden, some say oh dear, but it was a great experience ;-)

  • Ljouwert is not so bad, especially if you get to ride the Elfstedentocht (the bike one). I did that last year and it was a fantastic experience. Crazy Fries people riding 240k on wooden shoes ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Yeah I did the Elfstedentocht with a mate back in 2013. It was epic, we did sub 100m of climbing over 240km (lots of bridges).

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  • Wow I think I made that same pic last year

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  • I think I will sell these wheels, as the chances of getting a campagnolo freehub is slim.

    Campagnolo Groupset phwoooaaarrrrr, rubs thighs...

    If anyone is interested, please let me know.

    Edit:- Wheels up for sale here­51/#comment15429879

  • Awesome, you had the sun! We had battleship grey clouds that day I recall.

  • A good friend gave me a pair of very broken Record shifters, insert another pair of broken donor Centaur shifters.

    You can guess the rest, how hard can it be....

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  • Nice, looking forward to these shananagans

  • Shifters rebuilt, bit of a faff but well worth it.

    Both record inner shifters were snapped, and the left side body was smashed. With a bit of fettling the left shifter internals are centuar with the a record brake lever and shifter. The right is record with the Centaur inner shifter.


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  • Edit:-

    Need to transfer the fake carbon sticker over ;-)

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  • Update:-

    Bought my 1st On-One over the festive period.

    Inbred 3rd gen with swapout dropout

  • Unboxed yesterday, very pleased with it.

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Gazelle AA-Super Monostay

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