Husy's new 'beater'

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  • I've had about 9 bikes, in various stages of completion for the past few years. Now i'm having a clear out and have settled for only having three bikes at a time. I've painfully let go of some awesome projects like my P-fix and three lo-pros. Now, my planet X has been the go to fast bike, and I spent way too much effort of my NJS project to let that go without enjoying it. So they're staying (both pictured below). But the question is, what do I have as my reliable everyday bike. Before I sell, sell, sell I have a wide choice of frames, wheel and components to choose from.

    Planet X


  • Cool set of bikes, need a scoblebrickcount.

  • Thanks, fixed the images now...

  • Now, here are some iterations i've tried.

    Dolan PreCursa, rawed and buffed by me a while back.

    Cinelli Mash Parallax Rawed, not buffed. I can ride both this and th Dolan but my size is somewhere in between.

    Dolan Seta stripped, needs some work.

  • You can also see the (current) three choices of forks. Dolan, Cinelli and Planex X.

  • Fuck it. Gonna sellz the Seta, got enough carbons in my stable. What do people think, Parallax or Pre Cursa?

  • I'd keep the parallax. You can always get another Dolan.

  • I just wanted someone to say it! Cool, other two sold. Parallax it is.

  • Nice bikes, glad you stuck with the Parallax.

    Out of interest of the three that your keeping which do you enjoy riding the most? In recent times I've found that the bike I worry least about is the one I like riding the most which is why I've been having a clear out.

  • That's interesting. This was part of my thinking. 'What bike do I pretend to like but hardly ever ride or enjoy?' Turns out my old beater (pre cursa) and my planet x. Hence the others got the chop. I'd say the PX comes out on top but maybe the parallax will beat it when built.

    Parallax fits better than the pre cursa too so I'm moving in the right direction. NJS is still a bit precious but I think when I throw clipless pedals on and use it more often i'll get used to it. If not will sell.

  • Right, drivechain.
    Sugino 75 DD Black or Shimano Dura Ace 7710 Silver?

  • Possibly silver DA with black Zen ring...

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Husy's new 'beater'

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