WANTED: Left hand Campagnolo ergo shifter

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  • Hi everyone,

    Looks like the ratchet has gone in my left hand ergo shifter so looking to get a new one please. Not arsed about condition/what groupset—the cheaper the better really.


  • How many gears ?

  • Sorry, should have specified. 2 speeds please (it's a 2x10 groupset)

  • I have left or right Campagnolo record 2x11. I'll check which one later

  • If it's the left and you'd be willing to let it go for a reasonable price then I'd definitely be interested, cheers.

  • What’s the shifter? Most are repairable.

  • Veloce powershift 2x10. I think I'd have to replace the whole shifting mechanism which I can't seem to find used anywhere, so think it would be more economical just to replace the whole thing and sell this one on as spares.

  • Veloce is known for crappy mechanism but I believe chorus was compatible.

    Yeah mine is left it's a brand new record carbon. Make me an offer. I'm moving onto 12 speed and kept this spare .


  • I was hoping to spend somewhere between 30 and 40 quid but appreciate that's gonna be nowhere near enough for your brand new lever! Thanks all the same for looking.

  • Happy to let it go for about £60 + delivery... I appreciate it's a tad more than £40 ... I'm sorry I cannot make it any cheaper...

  • No worries at all, that's definitely a decent price. Will give it some thought and get back to you

  • Bugger. Yep, those aren't repairable. Good luck!

  • I have a spare Veloce left hand shifter body. It's gutted because I ran 1x but I still have the mechanism and was going to rebuild it to sell it. Any good to you?

  • I've got a Veloce 10 speed lefty, I'm in Lewisham. £15?

  • That would be brilliant but I'm in Nottingham—is there any chance you could post? And could I potentially see a picture?

  • Sure thing. I'll dig it out now and PM you.
    Edit: Silly me, Xenon QS. You want?

  • This could potentially work although I'm wondering whether it's gonna be worth the hassle of swapping the shifting mechanism over. how much would you be after?

  • I'd be putting the mechanism back in the body (to check that it was complete and working) before selling it, so you'd be receiving something that looked like this:

    £15 posted? Only issue is; the lever is still on the bars in 1x form at the moment, and about 50 miles away, so I wouldn't be able to assemble + send it for a week or so.

  • I should have some sort of all black Veloce or Xenon 10sp shifter in the parts box.

    I will check for you tonight.

  • Great, thanks.

  • Thanks; i hope to sort one before the next week or so but will give you a shout if not.

  • They are actually Xenon 9 speed but doesn't really matter if it is the left one you are after since it is for the front derailleur.

    Some bits have been given away already as can be seen on the photos.

    Let me know if this could work for you!

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  • Thanks for all the offers; @Vince I'm going to hold off for metal levers for now but may be in touch soon.

    So, does anyone have a left-hand campag ergo with a metal lever at all? Thanks!

  • All sorted now, cheers everyone


WANTED: Left hand Campagnolo ergo shifter

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