RIP Yankee Shitbag

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  • All the best everyone for this evening. I would want to come by if I were in London.

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  • Good work those that could make it! It's a lovely gesture.

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  • It was wonderful to see everyone, Michael would have loved it.

  • It was good. Fond remembrance expressed by the quality of the company. What a hit bag he was.

  • What a hit bag he was.

    You been schicked

  • Thanks to everyone who came last night. It was a great night.

  • Once again, thanks for organising. Was great to see so many familiar faces even though I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone

  • He was such a lovely person.

    We were not the absolute closest but we had so many rides together, and he always made you feel the best. Me and him arranged to go back together that one DD and it is a memory I treasure. The only time I ever saw him tired, which I consider a privilege, because when did he ever tire on his bike?! And then he still destroyed me on track gearing. Just so cool.

    So glad to have known you Michael. Ride in peace bro.

  • Thank you for organising this. Was lovely to see so many faces I haven't seen in a long time. Sad for the reason.

  • Don't really know what to say other than this is fucking horrible and I came here to see if anyone was going on the ride on the 1st August. Sad to have missed the meetup.

  • Lots of us will be going on the ride on the first.

    We (NLTCBMBC) have also arranged a London-specific ride for this weekend.

    Team event on FB.

  • Thanks. I'll be there.

  • I was gutted not to be able to join & remember YSB with you on Monday. Praying my hand heals up so I can make the 1st.

    I remember laughing, years ago, when someone was like "yo there's this absolute madman commuting brakeless and VERY FAST down Euston Road all the time listening to metal????" and it was like ah yes.... have you met YSB yet? I have a photo of him somewhere from when we went to Milan and we were all like la la la gelato and all I remember about him from this photo was him looking at it like the fuck is this. Such a joker. He is so missed.

  • got it. @Sumo @Scoot and must have been taken by @laner

  • Anyone got the group pic from last night? Such a great ride, thanks to all that made it

  • xx happy memories.

  • Sure it is going to pop up somewhere soon..

  • Ah that's such a nice memory.

  • I used to get a knock at the door, usually about 9 on a Sunday evening. Mike woulda run out of tubes and wanted to ride late through town - I guess 3/5 times I’d join him. He’d fix his tube at my place and we’d head for a spin. I could never keep up. We’d chill somewhere a get a late coffee and at some point about half 11 I’d head home - YSB wouldn’t. He’d still be spinning until 2, flaring up at speed and always spotted yet not.

    The guys enthusiasm for life is outstanding. He didn’t give a shit that I was slower than him, I’m ten years older for a start and many kilos too. He just wanted to ride. Always.
    Mike, Apollo and I headed out one Sunday, on the search for coffee. Mike had’nt been in town too long yet seemed to know baristas on first name terms, talked, laughed, joked, got coffee and we rode on. That particular Sunday even though it was social we all got soaked. Piss, wet, through.
    Memory serves we landed somewhere just off Essex road and hid from the elements for a bit. Mike went out again, I headed home, I think Apollo did the same (I may be wrong of course, call me out Bru)
    Energy, that’s what Mike always gave without any need for it to be given back. He rode as he loved To ride, just ride to be free and ride for the love of it

    I’ve not spoken about his passing until now as I felt I never really could, but that big ass smile, that energy, the vibe to ride he gives is immense and I can’t let that pass without saying a huge Thankyou from spending time with a guy I respect so much
    I’m glad to have spent time with such an awesome human.

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RIP Yankee Shitbag

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