New bike or update an old one

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  • Hi all
    Do I take advantage of the bike to work scheme and buy myself a decent brand new mountain/ trail bike. Something like a hardtail 29er or 27.5er?

    Do I invest in some cash in my 20+ yr old steel hard tail 26er?

    I havent ridden a mountan bike in anger for a very long time so I imagine that a new bike would be a revelation.
    Any thoughts always appreciated. Just thought it would start a conversation. If this is posted in the wrong place apologies.

  • Sure I won't be the only one to say... both?!

    Depends what you want from it all. A new mountain bike (might not be any in stock... anywhere...for ages) for actual mountain biking, or your old mountain bike updated for off road (maybe a clutch mech etc., fresh tyres, brake pads, chain), or repurposed for commuting or other types of riding...?

  • I think you have hit the nail on the head. I love my old bike and dont want to give up on it but I doubt its up to the rigours now but would benefit from some upgrades. New bike would be for actual mountain biking but has to be governed by the upper limit of the bike to work scheme budget. From what I've seen, theres some decent bikes for that amount (£1k max I believe)

  • There are some very decent new mountain bikes for £1k, especially if you go for a hardtail. That's a discussion on its own!

    If you're thinking of that direction for a mountain bike, the next question is how to bring your old mtb up to date for whatever you want it to be. You don't have to invest £££s to get there - just new consumables as needed to get it in a rideable condition, or at the more expensive end, maybe things like new drivetrain (ignore me if the old one functions just fine), mudguards/rack/slick fat tyres/swept back bars to become an excellent cruiser shopper bike in its middle age maybe.

    We need pictures of it here!

  • ... very decent new mountain bikes for £1k

    what are the top 3 picks

  • I have had a little look around.
    Not sure if they're top 3 or not but certainly like the look of the
    Voodoo bizango 29er carbon for £1k.
    GT Zaskar
    Calibre Bossnut (bit left field that one)
    I am sure theres lots of others out there to.


  • Also...

    Boardman MHT 8.9

    Giant Fathom 2 (£99 over)

    Ragley Marley 2.0

    All look pretty well-equipped to hit the magic price point, although who knows what stock levels/waiting times are.

  • All good bikes. Waiting times might be an issue but I am in no rush tbh.
    Rather wait and ger what I want plus i have plenty to keep me busy and give a chance to get Carrera out.
    I know its only a Carrera but I do like the ride and look.
    Pictures will follow

  • I think they scrapped the 1k limit on cycle to work? (That might be dangerous for you to know though..)

  • Really? Oh my.......
    Definitley look for a bike and restore old one!!

  • Think Pandoras box has just been opened!!

  • Haha I did think that.. like I say, potentially dangerous information -­ork-scheme-any-price

  • Will see what my NHS employer can offer me as the limits are set by the employer. But no reason for it to be not £1k plus.

  • Just need to get it past the wife now!!
    How did this happen? A simple conversation starter and now I am about to spend a load of cash I dont have!!!!

  • It's alright, you never see the C2W money you can kind of pretend it isn't real?!

  • Yeea.......... will let you know on that one!

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New bike or update an old one

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