Social distance rides

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  • Is anyone around in Norwich for a ride in the next week or so?

  • Yes could be, depending on when you want to do it. Would be nice to go out for actual ride rather than just on errands!

  • Yes!

  • When is good for people? Early evenings are properly the best time for me. Maybe a Friday evening?

  • Sounds great to me!!

  • 6:15pm is probably the earlist i can do.

  • Hmm, 7 or 7.30pm might be better for me anyway (that counts as early evening in my world). What do we fancy? A run around the city or it into the sticks? I haven't done much riding at all recently so slow and not too far would be better I guess.

  • Anything happening with this? I'm good for a few miles this Friday evening?

  • I'd be up for something this Friday. Weather is good too!

  • Awesome. Now have the whole day free.

  • 7.30pm (ish) is probably a good start time for me. Any ideas on a route?

  • 7:30s okay for me. Depends what we're looking for. I only really go North.
    Remind me, do we know each other?!

  • No, we haven't met. I work with @thross though. He'll voucher for me :)
    Happy to meander north or i often go east so could go that way as well.

  • Sorry to be missing this, I’ve got a ride planned on Saturday morning and with my legs in their current state I don’t think consecutive rides are a good idea. I thought you might have met each other at the Dandy Horse back in the day, but maybe not. Will hopefully see you at some point soon Bob, it’s long overdue.

  • Jdp, Where d'you want to meet? I'm NR3.

    Alex, you want company for Saturday? No pressure if you want to get your legs back first!

  • How about outside the Fat Cat Brewery Tap? That's fairly central in nr3. I'm nr7 so it's not too far.

  • Great. 7:30. Fat Cat BT. I'll be the guy on the bike.

  • It’s actually a group ride, and I’m already a bit anxious about there being five of us on some unfamiliar narrow trails! We’ll do something as a two or a three another time though. Good news is I’ve heard from both my physio and bike fit guy today, so hopefully slightly accelerating on the slow road to full fitness.

  • Good to know you're on the comeback trail! I'm of a ride-through-the-pain mindset currently, since it doesn't seem possible to go more than 2 weeks without being stricken with some ailment or other. I'm back to work from the 4th if we can squeeze something in.

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Social distance rides

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