British Eagle 80's MTB Dadwagon

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  • I was imagining the fluoro yellow ones - the black ones are very understated!

  • I didn't know any other colour existed but the fluoro yellow haha. Surprise, but a welcome one, looks ace!

  • Ha! I’ve been looking at the old-skool MTB ones on EBay that are indeed fluoro yellow/orange/red, but they seem to go for basically the same amount as a brand new set in black, so it was a no-brainer.

    The braking performance is incredible! So much power and modulation. The pistons actually bend the forks outwards if you really squeeze the lever. The rear cantilevers feel like they do absolutely nothing in comparison...

    Might abandon the rear cantilevers too and forsake looks for 1-finger skids...

  • Epping Forest with sprog & panniers.


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  • Ended up going full Magura...

    Sacrificing looks for actual stopping power and being able to fit a sprog seat on the back. The Tektro CR720’s were just too chode-ish and weak, despite looking cute.

    Also, one-finger skidz: unlocked.

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  • I wouldn't say any looks were sacrificed. :) They are perfectly rad.

  • Ha! You’ve got me considering fluoro boosters now.

  • Couple of wanky shots in its current state.

    Printed a couple of ‘decals’ with my electrical label maker... I’m such a ponce.

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  • New wheels built by Arup, with the correct 130mm rear spacing.

    Gotta wait for Rigida CSS-specific pads before fitting...

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  • Smart set of wheels

  • Needs some pink ano boosters to match ;)

    This bike is looking better and better!

  • Pretty sure f&f is a B.E. Shadow w/ the 531 all terrain. Dope build.

  • Thanks! Most likely a Shadow, not the most prestigious of framesets to say the least but handmade in UK out of 531ATB is good enough for me.

    Got the pads just in time to fit wheels, now looking like I’ll have to go 1x11 as the 130mm rear hub puts the 11T cog far enough out that the chain rubs on the dropout/stay in highest gear.

    Committed to the frame now so gotta make it work!

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  • That looks great! How are you finding the brakes? I've got a set at home (admittedly missing the quick release bolt) that I'm debating fittin to a build.

  • The HS33’s are very good, by far the best rim brakes I’ve used. Frame-bending power and decent modulation.

    They’re heavy, but don’t weigh any more than a disc brake setup.

  • A few better pics with the new wheels.

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  • Picked up a NOS Magura CNC alu booster... Doesn't quite fit in its current state.

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  • Had the steerer on these P2 forks extended by Cam at Banzai Bikes in order to replace the non-original fork and reinstate the correct 400mm axle-to-crown, as well as go threadless and lose ~300g of quill adapter.

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  • How much did the fork steered work cost please?

  • Love this whole build.
    Great work!

  • Any idea of how much it weighs?

    I’ve got a couple of 531mtbs that I have to make a Dad bike pub shopper from.
    They both weigh 15.6kg

  • Get that new fork on! Have you mentioned what rims are on that new wheelset?

    I’m currently building something of similar Ilk and need to have some built up.

    P.S do you still have those 720s? If you’re open to selling PM me :)

  • I’ve suddenly been thrust back into work after 6 months of being a stay at home dad so forks will have to wait a few days!

    The rims are Ryde Andra 30 CSS. Chose them for strength and the tungsten carbide brake tracks that won’t wear out or deposit aluminium slurry everywhere.

    I do have the 720’s still, will probably pass them on to you shortly.

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British Eagle 80's MTB Dadwagon

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