British Eagle 80's MTB Dadwagon

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  • With a burning itch to fulfil my dadbike destiny which no amount of Canesten Combi could quell, I bought a late-80's British Eagle lugged steel MTB frame off here.

    It came with a pair of wheels with funky hole pattern; gonna see how they ride before I make my mind up.

    Got a Nitto Bullmoose and Brooks C17 so far; looking to use a parts-bin Alfine crankset and Raceface 44T narrow-wide ring I have lying around for a 1x10 with a clutched mech and ~42T cassette.

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  • Excellent plant/cushion/bike combination!

  • Thanks, it's my favourite 'room' in the house...

  • I'v got a pair of Tektro CR720 cantis en route but now fantasising about Magura hydro rim brakes... Are these worth the faff and expense?

  • Looks like a fun build and love the lugged frame. Not too wild on the spoke lacing - needs something silver and classic looking!

  • That's a great looking frame and forks and the bars will look great!
    Good luck

  • Collected a few more cheap bits, might be ready to build tomorrow.

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  • 2.15 DTH just about clear stays...

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  • Crusty old Alfine cranks from my partner’s decommissioned bike cleaned up & fitted. Chain line slap bang in middle of cassette.

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  • great project! keep it going!! just got the same mode tires, it changed my bike completely for the better! (looks and feel)

  • This is going well. And the nice light workspace looks great...any more pics of that to induce envy?!

  • Looks great so far, excited to see what it looks like finished. Plans for any basket or rack combo?

  • Thanks! It’s actually a ramshackle old lean-to outside the kitchen that came with the house, with a corrugated plastic transparent roof, that I gave a lick of paint and replaced the rotten door.

    We use it as a plant nursery mostly, not a bike workshop!

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  • Looking to fit a front rack which can take a basket and panniers, something like a Pelago Commuter... Unless there’s something similar that’s nicer?

  • Ideal for the odd fettle as well, especially if it's raining and you just want to get that little thing done...

  • Looking a bit more like a bike now...

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  • Ready for first ride...

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  • So smooth & creamy! Never ridden tyres this voluminous before.

    Everything working as it should, although the drivetrain noise from a 1x10 with large narrow-wide ring was alarming at first...

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  • So many Instagram points! It does look great though, I can feel the comfort from here.

  • #redchopsemoji

    Ha! It was only ever meant to be a parts bin dadwagon... Needs rack, guards & muck asap.

  • turned out awesome!

  • Thanks! Needs a smaller chainring eventually, and cranks to accommodate it.

  • Most front racks could take a basket, Pelago actually make a rack/basket if that’s the route you want to go down. But personally I like the look of small rando racks (mounted to canti studs + fork crown) with a Wald zip tied to the top. Looks the neatest and I guess saves a little bit of weight.

    Is the fork on this threaded with a thread less converter?

  • Yes, the fork is 1” threaded with a quill adapter.

    I’ve just bought a large Pelago Commuter for the front as I’d like to occasionally carry panniers, but now need to get a long bolt and locking nuts as the crown mount fouls the cantilever straddle hanger.

  • Just fitted a Pelago; had to bodge the crown mount to clear the cantilever bridge using a longer bolt harvested from an old caliper.

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British Eagle 80's MTB Dadwagon

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