Ribble deal - too good to be true?

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  • I have an eBay counter-offer pending on this Ribble sportive and would appreciate any second (or third) opinions. I’m thinking maybe it’s been damaged and the whole truth isn’t in the description. Might be costly... any advice appreciated.


  • The seller has no feedback. Not with a 10ft pole IMO.

  • What gives you the impression its been damaged?

  • Scratches on one shifter + seller states that the gears need indexing. I’m thinking maybe it’s taken a fair whack and hasn’t been ok since. Which would explain the low price

  • could be stolen, ask for proof of purchase

  • Is £500 a low price for this? Tiagra with budget wheels?

    Maybe in the current climate...

  • Two photos showing some damage? The RHS shifter looks to have taken a bit of a whack at some point, but very hard to call how sound the bike is from that.

  • Hard to tell from the photo if the rear mech has taken a bash also.
    Most people generally avoid bicycles that have evidence of crash damage, however minor it may seem

  • also looks like plenty of heel rub on the cranks which puts to bed any claim of only 250 miles use

  • Is that actually a carbon frame as advertised?

    Not much of a description and generically 'London' as a collection point.

    Avoid like the plague.

  • Doesn't look Carbon to me and the stem looks worn in a way that my Deda stem isn't despite my having put plenty of straps/devices across it.

  • I stand corrected 'The frame itself is made from carbon fibre, Toray’s T700/T800 to be more specific and is very over built around the headtube where it meets the top tube and the down tube is large and square also.'

  • Also has rollers up for sale,maybe they fell off them onto a very hard surface.

  • only 3 rubbish photos, what isn't he showing?

  • I'm guessing you've offered substantially less that £500

  • What I can find online says a Ribble Sportive 2018 was £1500 new with Ultegra groupo and Mavic wheels, £999 with 105 groupo. The listed bike is £500 for Tiagra on a 2 y/o carbon frame, with at least scratches to the frame and a ripped hood. I’d say it’s too high a price for that bike, with only that info.

    Adding in that it’s on eBay, from a new seller, with no description of exactly how it got damaged, no pic of the non-drive side or close ups of the braking surface... I’d be wary af about it.

    That said, I pounced on an Italian road bike that listed not too dis-similar from this ad, and was rewarded with a lovely bike, as described, from someone who seemed legit enough and just didn’t ride it. It was pretty much a gamble and an oddity on eBay.

    If you really dig the frame/bike, I’d find a price I was comfortable with risking and negotiate them down to that price. Offers to pay and collect quick work well, as many sellers just want it done. Of course, I’d make sure to check it thoroughly in person, ideally with a witness/voice recording. Remember that possessing stolen goods is illegal, and they can be taken from you by the police/legal owner without compensation.

    (Edited for clarity)

  • That's not a particularly cheap deal, those Ribbles were always inexpensive and that one is a couple of years old and has a low spec with scratches etc. It's also a fairly leggy frame and crap photos. He probably got it for less than the RRP during one of Ribble's many sales.
    The top tube scratch happens when someone steps over the top tube with cleats on, I've seen it loads of times in noob bikes for sale. Shimano shifters are notoriously easily damaged by parking up against brick walls, and they're made of soft plastic or carbon, so damage like that is really common.
    If you like the bike, why not ask if you can have a look? You'll get a good idea of the seller at the same time. They've been a member of Ebay since 2017 so it's not a burner listing.

  • Money aside, it looks like its taken a hit at some point.

  • If you’re in London then go and see if for yourself. Take a chain checker and see what the chain wear is, that’ll help prove or not the 250 miles claim (which is pretty unlikely, tbh), check the rim wear, if the tyres are matching (if not, at least one has been changed which won’t have happened in 250 miles unless it was due to bad luck), the state of the bar tape, stuff like that. Or maybe take someone along with you?
    Regarding the shifter, that looks like it’s been down the road on the r/h side. It looks like matching damage on the rear mech body. Looks dramatic but it’s probably just a slide.

  • Outside of 'current climate' it'd have to be excellent - near shop - condition to warrant that money

  • These are really helpful points, thank you everyone! I think - on balance - I’m going to give it a miss. It might be a bargain but it might be a headache.

    As a side note, if anyone is selling a road bike around the 4-500 mark then message me! Cheers!

  • 4-500 mark

    If you’re patient, you’ll get something much better than that Ribble from here for that money. Put a post in the wanted forum and give plenty of specifics on spec/materials/size etc.

  • Done! Thanks Tonts

  • Purely as a comparable consumer product, it wouldn't/couldn't be a bargain at £500 so under no circumstances have you missed out IMO

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Ribble deal - too good to be true?

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