The nicest Giant Bowery you ever did see! 50cm

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    So this is my dads custom built Giant Bowery from back when I had my shop (about 7 years ago now I guess (!)).

    The bike was resprayed by Colour Tech in Dartford in this stunning blue colour, there are no graphics on the frame "Giant" is actually painted, it's a beautiful job well done. The small insignia on the fork which looks a little amateurish is actually a doodle my dad did asking them to paint it on the fork thinking that they would create a symmetrical version of it but they used his actual image :) To me that is a really personal touch but I do have some emotional attachment to the bike and I'm not sure how others will interpret that. There is not a mark on the paint that I can see.

    Every component was carefully selected for its aesthetic appeal and includes; DP18 style deep rims on large flange Quando hubs, Miche Seatpost, Salsa silver seatpost clamp, Campagnolo Athena Skeleton brakes, Genetic handlebars and stem, Condor (?) cross top levers, matching Genetic saddle and tape (both white with blue visible through the perferations), a shimano chain with strange links which looks pretty cool and finally a polished and engraved custom Campagnolo chainset.
    He seems to have managed to slip a Royce bottom bracket in there too, I don't recall authorising that reckon he grabbed it when my back was turned, lol

    He's selling it because it hardly gets used, he said his used it once so far this year and probably about five times a year since it was built.

    I took it out for a spin earlier and I'd say the chainline is slightly off, so I'd probably just move the chainwheel to the outer position and the freewheel is a little noisy (fixed one side freewheel the other)

    As I mentioned earlier I do have an emotional attachment, as does he, so I'm struggling to price this appropriately. To me £500 seems right but appreciate I could be way off with this as I'm unsure of the fixie market and not sure that despite it's condition and spec it may still not warrant such a price tag, but for me it does ;) My point being I'm open to negotiation.

    Collection from Kent ME11 or I'll post for £35














  • Tel??

    'kin 'ell lad.
    Long time since

  • Hey Prince! Yes tis I :)

    Good to see you're still on here going strong

    Dropped out of the game after I closed the shop and stopped doing repairs from home but then after watching Fast & Loud I was re-inspired to dabble again just as a hobby and life is good this way. Have a strong ebay presence but perhaps should start trading on here again and save myself a fortune in fees!!

    So this bike hasn't sparked the reaction I was hoping for, obviously I'm very out of touch and probably too attached to this bike. I'll give it a week or so but can see myself making my dad an offer and keeping it myself....

  • Ahhhhhh I think it’s beautiful. Mrs won’t let me but I think looks wise it’s awesome!

  • Thanks

    So no interest at all! How about at £400?

    I've replaced the bottom bracket with a standard Campagnolo sealed unit which has straightened out the chainline. Spun the wheel round and tried it fixed but it still sin't silent so I'm thinking it's most likely the chain....

  • Right as there's not even a sniff of interest on here I'm going to list on eBay tomorrow after I've replaced the chain

  • Considering its condition, £400 seems like a fair price to me. What does £400 get you OTP these days?

  • £400 seems like a bargain for such a lovely bike I expect its probably the size more than the price thats limiting its appeal but don't take it personally I've got probably the nicest looking bike I've ever built up for sale on here £300 cheaper than any others I've seen and not even a sniff of interest but i had a mtb frame up recently and after weeks of getting dicked about i moved it to mtb classifieds and sold it for £80 more than what I was asking on here in one day so probably could have even got a bit more. So hopefully that'll be the case for you. If a mate of mine bought yours and said he paid £500-550 for it i certainly wouldn't say he'd paid way over the top. Sorry i haven't got a mate who actually wants to buy it and its too small for me but don't be too disheartened and good luck on ebay 👍

  • Has this been listed on ebay yet? I have a friend who is interested.

  • It is on eBay yes but would much rather sell on here in all honesty

  • Facebook marketplace & gumtree are very good for selling bikes just now! Still a huge shortage of bikes nationwide in shops so the market is very strong just now!

  • Would consider selling just the frame

  • Hi Tel, this is a beautiful little bike - is it still for sale please?

  • It is still for sale yes...for now I'm just on the cusp of splitting it and keeping the frame as a keep sake from when my dad used to help me out in the shop.

  • That’s a beaut! 👌🏽

  • Message for Chris email me at telsun at hotmail (obviously replacing the "at" with the at symbol and removing spaces...thanks

  • Hi Tel...where have you been? Missed you..
    ...keep the frame and put it on your wall..the doodle is too personal to lose...I hope you are well? Lovely shade of blue and Dave at Colour Tech is brilliant.

  • Feel the same, you sure you want to sell it, Tel?! Either way, nice to see you on here after all these years.

  • Cheers fellas, yeah I am actually debating just keeping the frame but I said I'd sell it for my dad and I haven't got the money to give him so that I can keep it. I'll give it another couple of weeks and then I'll return to him and tell him the situation. Thanks

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The nicest Giant Bowery you ever did see! 50cm

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