• Selling a pair of carbon road wheels with PMP hubs. Rear rim is 50mm and front is 40mm - unbranded, but most likely Chinese. 10-speed Shimano/SRAM freehub.

    Very good condition, hubs smooth and rims straight and true. I only used the front on my singlespeed. Only selling as I am a little lairy of tubulars so going back to clinchers.

    Conti gatorskin on the front and tufo on the rear - both v good condition and holding air.

    Contactless collection only from Battersea (SW8) evenings and weekends (I might be able to get them more central - WC1X - for lunchtime pick up, but Battersea would be best).

    Looking for £150 (but open to offers if that's too high). Dibs followed by PM seems fairest. Any Q's leg me know. Cheers

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  • You willing to split? I could take the front only.

  • I’ll have them.

  • These are still available - price drop bump to £145!

  • No love for these? Further price drop yo £140

  • Dropping the price of the Carbon/PMP to £125 and adding the following:

    HPlus Son Archetype rims and (Novatec?) hubs with v good condition wired 28mm Conti Gatorskins (+ one tube in the front). There's no branding on the hubs, but I'm assuming Novatec.

    They are in really good condition, run smooth and true with no appreciable rim wear. Looking for £135 (but open to offers if I'm way out).

    Pick up as above.

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  • Also looking to sell a Corima carbon front wheel that I have been using on my singlespeed.

    I don't have a lot of info on this, but the bearings are smooth and the wheel runs pretty true. The one issue is that there is a little pulsing under braking. I can't find anything obvious on the rim.

    I paid £140 for it and would like to get £100 if possible (open to offers, but may just keep it if it's not worth close to that).

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  • Carbon/PMP sold pending pick up!

  • hello,

    Ship possible to France for the H+Son wheelset ?

  • Hi @Cyrille.s
    I have interest in the Archetypes for pick up - if that falls through I will look into postage to France.

  • Ok !
    thank's for the reply !

    nice day

  • Carbon/PMP now sold
    Archetypes sold pending pick up
    Corima price reduction to £90!

  • Dropping the Corima to £70!

  • Got any full pics of the Capo with those wheels? Looks great!

  • Here's a picture of the Capo, as requested!

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  • Hey dude is the Corima true?

  • @alexmbradley1 - it's a lovely wheel (apart from the pulsing under braking issue!). Hub spins freely and the rim is true to a mm or two. As I mentioned, I paid £140 for it, so if I can't make £70 I'll probably just put it on the wall!

  • Removing Corima from sale - will keep it as a back up & wall ornament!

    Archetypes still pending pick up (will update at the end of the week)

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FS: Wheels!! - Carbon 50mm/40mm + PMP hubs (SOLD!), HPlus Son Archetypes (PENDING!) & Corima carbon front (removed from sale))!

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