Making the 911 that Porsche were too sensible to consider

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  • Yes, I am- but I won’t be for the foreseeable as the engine is going to take all spare money for the next few months.

  • You got any more word and visual updates on the engine, or is it now classified stuff?
    How’s progress on reliability and so forth?

  • So far, 100% reliable - but they don't have heads on yet, so a failure would be both surprising and concerning. Mine should be going together soon but we need the machine shop to finish the billet heads, and I need to pay for them.

  • Looking really good.

    What's this thing for.

    Love the RR CSK in the background. An EV conversion/replica of a CSK is one of my lotto win dreams.

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  • It’s a visual display for the rear parking sensors- you absolutely cannot see where the car ends when you are in the drivers seat, so I’m hoping that this makes things less nerve wracking when reversing

  • we need the machine shop to finish the billet heads

    Bloody hell. Sounds serious. Why?

    and I need to pay for them.

    Sounds expensive too!

  • Heads- I do of course mean the tappet chests within the heads, sorry.

    The standard cast tappet chests are, on a number of levels, not great for not only our purposes, but indeed anyone's purposes. In standard use they can be subject to hydraulic fracture, and given that we are reducing the base circle diameter we are also going to be making the tappets themselves rise further in their bore, which also means that the existing oiling holes are in the wrong place. So we decided to make new ones. The billet tappet chests will fit into the existing heads.

    So! Not quite as mental as I made it sound, apologies.

  • Update please!

  • Yeah, I don’t understand a single word of @Dammit ‘s last post but I have enjoyed the interior decoration bits. So echoing @Vince here.

  • We're in the queue for the tappet chests to be machined - so, no progress to report I'm afraid.

    Once we have the tappet chests then everything can go together (I currently am living in fear of having to pay for the engine management).

  • I also wasn't 100% happy with the interior - I feel that the luggage net isn't ideal, so we're going to re-do that, adapting a retractable net that has a metal bar in the long edge, and appropriating the matching receivers from the donor vehicle. I've got one from an A6 to test.

  • Updates please! Engine now together?

  • 1st time I've stumbled across this thread.... impressive business indeed

  • @Dammit I have to know, will you get the kit to change the headlights to the 997 shape?

  • No, in my view that was a (complete) surrender to pastiche.

  • We finally have cams - Piper have re-ground some stock ones after a discussion with the chap doing the engine design.

    In the words of the forums favourite rally driver, "that is very spicy cams", we now need intake and exhaust and that's a complete, ready to Dyno engine.

  • Absolutely love this thread, I find myself periodically re-reading it from start to finish.

  • Hah, well- it’s not finished yet but hopefully a big update soon. We are measuring the cams to make 100% certain they work with our tappet chests, valve gear etc, and if so we will order the ITB’s and exhaust manifolds.

  • When it's done are you going to take it on a tour of everyone on this thread so they can see the finished article? 😀

  • Only logging in to get an update on this.
    No update :-(

  • Not much happening- we have cams now, but need the cam covers line boring and finding the right place to do that is taking time.

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Making the 911 that Porsche were too sensible to consider

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