Making the 911 that Porsche were too sensible to consider

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  • Popped in to see Greg/the car this morning first thing, the car has got a familiar neighbour to talk too whilst the work is being done:

    Rear is stripped, very little of what came out is going to go back in:

    We judged that 9502 is sufficiently close to Porsche Granite Grey to be the choice, project No More Carpet is now out of scoping:

    The blue didn't make it past the consideration stage:

    I really like the way the centre console looks in body-colour:

    Whole system is now Morel, apart from the powered sub:

    Rearmost roll of fabric got the nod:

  • Have they been arguing about who gets to sit next to the DB5?!

    Amazing project, car looks great by the way :)

  • We have been running engine simulations recently - something we've done quite a lot of over the course of this project as we can't afford to make 10 intakes, 10 exhausts, then run every combination on the engine Dyno to see what works best.

    This one is the final sim that we've used to specify exhaust manifold primary lengths and internal diameter, these are now being made by a very pleasant chap in Silverstone.

    Also, because if you looked up "feature creep" in the dictionary it would reference our engine project, we're making a complete exhaust now (this was never the original plan), we always intended on making a true equal length manifold, but given the (surprisingly large) diameter that we need for the primaries and what that then meant for where the flange had to be, we've had no choice but to do as a minimum manifold and cats, so we thought we may as well go the whole hog.

  • As a project lead but also a gear head I'm very torn! :D

    I hope the exhaust is going to be made in Ti.

  • I think Inconel is the material to use for the exhaust side, if you have a money tree in your back garden. We will be using stainless steel as it's not quite so "sucks teeth, sells kidney".

  • I was talking to my mate Graham at Elite Porsche today and told him about this and sent him a link to your thread, he is impressed to the level of engineering on this project, I for one can't wait until this turns rubber on the road :D

  • And our nascent business now has a website (a very, very basic one).

  • Some progress made, the speaker (that you can't see) is now a fairly decent Morel unit and the bottom of the door card is now Alcantara rather than (very 90's) carpet:

  • To the casual observer nothing has changed, which is the point really.

  • However, the more you look the more you will see has changed.

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  • Where the rear seat bases were are now two lockable cubbies, and the handbrake console is body colour.

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  • Both cars in the same place - very unusual.

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  • Subtle and very tidy! Noice.

  • All the carpet is gone, replaced with Alcantara:

  • Even areas that I didn't think they were going to do:

    The cubbies are surprisingly large:

  • We added tie-downs to the front luggage compartment:

  • Fantastic result. A very elegant outcome.

    I hadn't realised there was a thread on this project so have just enjoyed reading the whole thing.

  • Can you fit a Brompton in there?

  • When did the Recaro get covered? Looks amazing but was momentarily very confused!

  • Recaro was a little while ago - it was done when I had the Porsche OEM heating elements added to the seat.

  • That’s a lot of luggage room. Any idea what the total litre capacity for the car is now?

  • I do not know, could measure it up when I get the car back.

  • Interesting to know what it’d be over standard one. So you’ve got a proper continent shredder now.

  • That's looking very nice dammit. Are you tempted to get a couple of custom made bags to fit perfectly?

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Making the 911 that Porsche were too sensible to consider

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