Making the 911 that Porsche were too sensible to consider

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  • Painted the indicator section of some Litronics.

  • Reckon I've missed it, but what you fitting to compensate for the rolled arches? Or is it a case of same wheels, modified suspension?

  • BBS split rims, I believe.

  • I'm gonna go with 'alternate universe me is surprised' for £500 Brommers.
    @Dammit if so, ain't this straying a little away from the original ethos?

  • BBS make all the OEM wheels for the 996, the Cup cars roll on E88’s, the LM (which I am getting) is less delicate than the E88 but still a very focussed performance wheel design (forged, three piece and so forth), and it was standard fit for upgraded GT3’s BITD. It works with my “could have been specified like this from the dealer” ethos.

  • Solid choice on the wheels. Real LM's are a beautiful thing.

  • Looks great!

  • Fair fair, I assumed wrongly you wanted it to kept as fast aesthetically can be from anything resembling race car or homologation. Personally I think E88's still lock pretty slick and give the car a purposefulness. What's the seat layout like right now?
    Reckon halfway between stock and track sleeper will work very well for your 911.

  • We made some changes to the lid of the pump as the first iteration didn't align correctly with the inlet pipe. Old at the top, new at the bottom:

    It's a small change, but it makes the difference between having to force the inlet pipe into place and it all going together perfectly.

    The pumps really are things of beauty, from a machining point of view:

    And on (Martins) car (mine arrives tomorrow):

    Martin made a short video of the differences between the Mezger (GT3) engine, the M96, and the M96 X51 oil scavenge systems.

  • Mike's the chap who has designed our heads, and collaborated with Piper on the cams:­ornley-kelham-joins-forces-with-race-tec­hniques?fbclid=IwAR3HfSzAZ3sIFv8G3YptWur­y3M2TBtmoL0LzcBQzNZPvkYayObGeoobXwYc

    I knew he had had some success in competition, but I'd not seen the details before.

  • i think there is a youtube video where the skinny wolverine went to their workshop

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Making the 911 that Porsche were too sensible to consider

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