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  • Bit stuck with this, can anyone suggest which bit on this arkose Ss I need to twist, hit etc to move the EBB? Two bolts underneath are undone and there’s no movement anywhere.
    Also can’t seem to undo the tension washer thing on non drive side crank to even get that off- seems to be between Allen key sizes?

    Any ideas welcome, otherwise I guess I’m hunting a half link chain!


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  • Take chainset and bb out and hit it with a mallet/punch?

  • That was my plan but this issue with the compression washer is stopping me getting chain set off too!

  • Hitting it with a punch and rubber mallet was as so often the right answer! Loosen the two bolts, bash it round until your tension is good, tighten the bolts. Not 100% sold on this system, seems to limit how much adjustment you get over a normal dropout.
    Pic shows where to hit it!

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  • You can use a large screwdriver or Allen key put through the gaps in the EBB shell then use the crank arm to drive it around. Less smashy.

    If you ever want that crank arm cap off that now looks nicely rounded out, remember to undo the pinch bolts first... it will never shift with the pinch bolts done up.

  • When I had it I used the largest allen key I could fit trough the window and tapped it with a big rubber mallet.
    If you ever get all out clean everything and apply anti seize or grease to the EBB and bolts.

  • I’d be looking at replacing that with an expander type if you can get one in the right diameter.

    Bushnell being the dream but the price of them has gone up recently taking it from silly expensive to ridonkulous.

  • Replacing the whole bb? Seems ok at the moment.
    @Howard not come across that before so thanks. Think it was probably a bit rounded already hence not fitting a key

  • Yeah, the grub screw style seems pretty problematic.

    The track tandems at work have that style and I hate it. Very difficult to make small adjustments as the grub screws want to pop back into the indentation they’ve already made and the soft alloy of the insert tends to burr up around the bit where the grub screws hit which causes the insert to jam, like yours has now.

    I don’t believe there’s any reason other than financial to go with grub screws.

  • It's not the grub screw type, it's a radial clamp.

    The OP's has not jammed up, he simply did not know where and how to apply pressure to move it.

  • Ah ok, sorry I misread the OP.

  • Yes not seized, just needed a tap!
    I still feel it’s not a great system as there’s not enough movement to tension the chain with 19x40 I’m running now. Will try a half link chain or 41 ring but neither is ideal on a Ss specific frame

  • That's odd, I used a lot of different cogs in the old Arkose and never had that problem. Is the crank at 9 o'clock? If so and you still having a loose chain maybe you have to chop one link.

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Arkose EBB

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