First thread is wonky

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  • The drive side thread on my new chainset isn't stripped but the first couple are not straight and are squished. Is there are way of rectify this?

    Previously I've screwed the pedal through from the other side and that has straightened it in the past but I can't get the pedal through the other side. Is there anything I can try before I have to buy new?

  • Tap the thread properly.

  • Excuse the off-topic, but can't you warranty it? Or is it not new from the shop.

  • Do you know what tap I need?

  • It is but if there's an easy fix then I'd rather just fix it rather than faffing about. And I put pedal to metal so they may use that ambiguity.

  • 9/16 X 20 tpi is the threading. If you have an old or cheap pedal axle to sacrifice then you can probably create a tap shaped object with a few minutes hacksawing or a few seconds on a grinder. A tap is after all just a threaded part with some cutouts to create the cutting edges.

  • I was aiming at:

    Is there anything I can try before I have to buy new?

  • Right hand I assume?

  • Yes, right for right.

  • Right hand I assume?

    If you are buying a right hand one anyway, get a pair. They are really handy to have around and I suspect the price for a left hand tap alone is going to be pretty similar to a pair.

  • Did that. Thanks and thanks to everyone else.

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First thread is wonky

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