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  • Slightly loathed to do this as it somehow feels like dick waving, but as it'll be my first ever new/custom build after 12yrs of skidding, I thought it might be a nice place to keep track of it, even if only for my own benefit.

    Following the theft of my beloved Brooklyn a few weeks back, I've decided to spend my money on something simultaneously totally different and also just the same.

    Like a baiting Youtuber doing a big reveal, the title of the thread gives it away, but I've ordered a titanium track frame from Burls.

    I'll put up some vital statistics and bad decisions shortly.

    Hope everyone's alright!

    Tom of Jellyaxe

  • Been there, done that, watching with much interest.....

  • Haha, thanks man.

  • after 12 years of skidding

    Must have cost you a fortune in tyres.

  • Yes, although not nearly as much as it would've cost if I'd followed every other cycling trend that came after

  • You had an arkose! Textbook gravel bike

  • Tbf that little cut after south Bermondsey on Q1 has a bit of gravel

  • Haha! You're right actually. Gravel Bike Owner Outed.
    TBF that was bought on Cycle2Work scheme at a desperate moment.

  • Alright, well yes - I should say about this bike, eh.

    The bike is inspired by Mo (formerly of Keirin Berlin) and his do-it-all Kocmo, with a hint of No.22 Little Wing thrown in for good measure.

    See, I knew this was going to sound ridiculous.

  • Here's my spec.

    Couple of bottle mounts
    Wishbone rear stay
    Columbus Leggera fork
    Chris King Headset

    Will also have hplusson archetypes (yawn) laced to mentalbmx track hubs in a fetching purple hue (alright)

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    • Screenshot 2020-06-28 at 17.06.40.png
  • Looking forward to seeing this. Always liked the look of the Burls Ti.

  • Really interested in this. I've always been a bit bi-curious about a ti frame.

  • I've been riding around on one of these for a few years. Justin was lovely to deal with and the bike is still going strong (as you'd probably expect). Look forward to seeing how this progresses.

  • More like
    puts on sunglasses


  • Sounds familiar; good choice. Here's mine...

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    • IMG_7378.JPG
  • very nice! may I ask why the need for two as they're quite similar...

  • More than a bit extravagant I know but living out of two homes it saves having to cart one around or ride a ‘lesser’ bike :-) I’ve put several thousand miles on them in the last year or so and they really are just perfect. Still can’t decide 100% whether I prefer carbon or alu. rims; otherwise they’re pretty much identical.

  • Two matching ti fixed gear bikes due to living in 2 homes is legit peak 2020 lfgss

  • I mean if you have a perfect bike why not two?

  • Lol, wow! And yes, actually - familiar also because the one closest the camera was used by Justin as a reference for me. So, thanks! Rims, fork and headset will in fact be the same as it goes.

  • (Page 9 ;) )

  • Fantastic. I’m sure you’re gonna love it. I’ve not even thought about other bikes since getting these; it’s a great feeling!

  • Keep up at the back!

  • I have an urge to mirror my bikes in UK and France now...

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Burls Ti Track

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