• About 2 weeks ago a contact pin of the B&M Luxos U snaped after close to 2 years from purchase. I was a bit un-pleased with this outcome, as thought that part should have been more resistant.(picture 1)

    Searching the internet about this issue I barely found something on a Google group explaining that Luxos built is frail and that they are prone to this kind of failure. On the group someone offered to fix someone else’s problem but unfortunately pictures were not available.

    On the same group I have discovered this guy https://somervillebikes.wordpress.com/ who introduced me to the 2mm banana plugs. I will give him credit for the work that I have done on my Luxos.

    I believe this is going to be a tutorial – my first ever – for a potential fix for broken pins with B&M Luxos U. My suggestion is to solder 22AWG wires on the board and connect them with the feeding lead using 2mm banana plugs. I must mention I am not a soldering master or and electronics guru. It was actually my 2nd time in 3 years when I soldered something, but never to this extent(if can be called as such).

    1. First I opened the Luxos with T10 star bit and checked if my idea is feasible. The pins were coming out through 4 slots that I thought I might have to drill them a bit to fit a wire.

    2. Ordered the 22AWG wires and banana plugs. I have opted for multi-coloured to be easier to track the +/- for the IN and OUT. The 2mm banana plugs are very small and I think it makes a very stealthy connector for neat jobs on bike lighting with the advantage that any parts can be removed from the circuit very easily.

    3. Checked if 22AWG wires fit through the pin slots. They do if they are slotted from the inside out. No drilling required.

    4. Disconnected the cache battery and LED from the electrical board. Do this carefully! Is not difficult but it has to be done gently especially for the LED.

    5. Inserted all 4 wires. I left them fairly long to be able to solder them to the board.(picture 3) On the inside I have slotted the wires through a rubber gasket that protected the pins from the elements(picture 2).

    6. Snipped the pins a short as I could and soldered the wires to them.(picture 2). I made sure, prior to soldering that each wire goes to the required pin by comparing the IN/OUT and +/- markings on the outer body with the position of the board slotted in the correct position.

    7. Pulled the wires all the way out with the rubber gasket flush on the inside of the light body and the board positioned to re-allow reassembly of the Luxos.

    8. Reconnected the LED and cache battery and made sure the light is reassembled correctly(everything fits in its place). This bit can be a bit trickery, but with patience can be done. Practice a little with the positioning of the board and cache battery to make it easier at final assembly moment(picture 3).

    9. Cut the wires at required length and solder the female banana plug as per Somervillebikes tutorial. Reinforced the connection with heat shrink and electrical tape. The electrical tape also helps in differentiating between IN/Out and +/-.(picture 4)

    10. Soldered the male plugs to the feed wires. Again connections were reinforced with heat shrink and tape.(picture 5)

    11. Things are working.

    I hope this will be helpful for other people in my situation.

    After this situation I believe I recommend when installing this light for the first time to use some pigtails adn minimise the risk of snapping the pins.

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  • Sorry I am struggling to upload the photos and don't understand why. They are well below the required size.

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Busch&Muller LUXOS broken pins and a potential fix

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