Fixed/Single Speed overnighter to Deal on the South East coast.

    July 03

    Like Dunwich Dynamo with less dorks and more interesting things to see(ride is purposely designed to dissuade chain-gangs).

    Ends at pub with full breakfast menu.

    166.6KM mainly traffic-free.
    5km gravel + 1km grass sections.
    23c tires OK.

    Be self-sufficient and bring adequate clothing.
    Good countryside lights are a must.
    Beer, spirits, food and sports gels/bars as required..

    Fast-social pace, nobody left behind.
    We want to stick together as much as possible and leaders will wait at non-obvious forks in the road and corners.

    (BUT) If you are seriously dragging the group you will be off-loaded at a train station.
    There are plenty enroute (including a midnight service from Gravesend). (BUT II) You may have a long wait as trains down there resume at 07:30 on Sunday morning.

    [IMPORTANT CAVEAT - 90% sure trains back will not be a problem but do your research on how to get home - bring a mask/face covering for train]

    LONDON - Woolwich - Gravesend - Rochester - Rainham - Faversham - Whitstable - Herne Bay - Margate - Ramsgate - Sandwich - DEAL

    GPX will be posted here closer to the date.

    Bike, body and brain could be tested : No crybabies, No crap equipment!

    Meet Victoria Park - The Royal Inn on the Park
    Start time 20:00 (meet 19:00)
    SOUTHIES MEET-UP : 21:00 South Tunnel Entrance Woolwich

    1. Geared riders to the back of field (I want to enjoy the silence of the night without your freehub ruining it)
    2. On descents give clear warning (on right, stay etc.). Always pass on far right
    3. Don't sprint off at the bottom of a descent. Slow down and let the group come back together


  • There is a Facebook page for this event too.


  • Definitely eyeing this one up. Will be moving in to my new place in New Cross the day before so hopefully will be in a position to join up at Woolwich.

  • Keeping an eye on the weather.
    If Friday looks bad I'll bump it back to Saturday.

    After Southend yesterday I'll make doubly sure I get some decent sleep the day before..

  • Looking forward to this. This route was the first over-nighter I did and nothing has come close to watching the sun gently rise out of the ocean. Good to know the pub is open!


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  • Weekend timetable for Southeastern is confirmed on Thursday, will make a call on this then.

  • Yo, keep us informed..

    Was 90% sure about the transport home.

    If that changes I am going to have to source a big tent..

  • Then roll home via Canterbury and the Pilgrims Trail..

  • Presently I am seeing hourly services on 'express' services to London on both Sat/Sun atm.

    If that changes or if you got some special info hmu pls!

  • Sun usually rises when the group is approching Ramsgate.

    I'll be stoked to catch a third sunrise in as many weeks.

  • Nice! Will try to join this time. Thanks for organising it. :)

  • Will do - was thinking maybe roll on to Dover and get that train back to Stratford, takes an hour. Will say if there's any change to timetable.

  • I was planning on extending this ride anyway as I have Monday off, so was thinking of going to Folkestone along the coast and doing the Man of Kent audax route incl a night of rough sleeping along the way.
    Now I also see this Pilgrims Trail option too. I guess it's fixie friendly-ish/enough? Have you ridden it?

    Another 2017 memory:

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  • Now I also see this Pilgrims Trail

    Yeah have always wanted to check it out but just could never work that route into anything.

  • Yeah its a nice ride over the cliffs.

  • Going to see what the weather is saying at 12:00 Friday and call it then.

    Maybe need to run this Saturday night.

  • Looks like the safe bet is to reschedule for tomorrow night, same time.

    There is a persistent block of rain sitting right over the time we'd be riding.

    Was going to say bring a mask if needed for the train home, don't want to advise having a snorkel with you too.

    Saturday night should be better, plus tailwind, plus sun next morning.

    So till Saturday.

  • I am seeing Dover trains taking about the same amount of time, costing more and having 1/2 changes.

    Deal train has no changes direct to Stratford.

    Ride on to Dover mightn't be worth it.

  • I know Ramsgate has a direct train back to Stratford if that is any consultation?

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2020-07-03 (4th! RAIN CHANGE) - NLtCBMBC - Deal With It VI - Goodbye Edition

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