• Few on FB, couple more on Insta, don't actually know.

  • Yeah... that was heavy rain...

  • I was expecting massive shitstorm this morning and have seen nothing. Maybe it went by while I was asleep but looks more like nothing hit here. Annoying as I could've done the big gravel loop today.

  • Still don't want nothing to do with wet surfaces.

    I deserve better.

  • My excuse is the quicker I kill this bike the sooner I can get a new one :)

    Bring all the rainz!

  • I would really like to ride the return leg of this.

    I have no idea if that is in any way possible.

    Got any idea on when you'll be starting back?

  • Can you meet us in Shoeburyness at 04:00?


    I think we'll get down there pretty quick, enjoy the sunrise then turn around.

  • Just come..

    You can bring a road bike.

  • If I stay up all night then I can't do the parenting I have to do in the day.

    Getting up early would work.

    But not that early!


  • Weather is looking good, nice clear sky for sunrise

  • Awesome ride, thanks for organising.

    Now I’m going to lie down in a dark room and have a sleep deprived cry. 😂

  • Cheers John! Another great ride. Thank you for organising. Feel like I’ve been punched in the head

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  • Oh wow, just woke up after the most solid sleep I have had in weeks. Rain is pounding down outside, lucky we missed that.

    For this ride I had wanted just to get out of town quickly and when I read about the 'Cycletrack' from the 1930's running the length of the Southend Arterial Road I was intrigued.

    It was fast, flat but fucking dangerous, I do not recommend this route.

    The way back however, even in the wind, was excellent, the climbs (which I'd looked carefully to strip out) were benign. Do definitely say it is worth training out to come back in this way.

    Toward the end we got a bit stretched out but everybody made it back to the city-limits together.

  • Nice pics, do you mind if I add to Instagram (do you have an @ there?).

  • Yeah feel free ig is: @joshhd22

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2020-06-28 - Southend - Night Ride - Short Notice (date change because rain)

Posted by Avatar for |³|MA3K @|³|MA3K